The Perks of an Office Coffee Service

Energize your Office

Do you want to ensure that your employees are happy and energized at work? Providing your breakroom with an office coffee service is the easiest way to perk up your employees. According to <a ” href=”” target=”_blank”>One Source Refreshment, stepping away from your desk to indulge in a coffee break helps your brain to relax. This can ultimately mean employees who are less stressed and more productive. Below we have outlined some of the other benefits of a coffee service as well as our trusted brands and options.
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Single Serve Coffee

[Infographic] The Day in the Life of a Single Serve Coffee Maker

The start of each perfect workday begins with a trip to your company’s breakroom supply arsenal to brew a fresh cup of joe. How do you make this delightful cup of coffee? With a single serve coffee maker. Take a journey through a day in the life of a single serve coffee maker. Also, see how providing complimentary coffee can make a big difference in employee morale and productivity.

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