Get to Know Some of the Top Office Products

[Infographic] Get to Know Some of the Top Office Products

Many of us may find ourselves using some of the top office products on a weekly or even daily basis. These office supplies can be used to write, organize, print and complete office tasks. When diving deeper into these products, it was eye opening to discover where they began, and just how far they have come. Below we have outlined the evolution of these products from their design to their rate of consumption today.

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Smart Snacks for the Breakroom

It’s 3 o’clock Somewhere: Smart Snack Choices for the Breakroom

We all have those late afternoon cravings in the office for something sweet and indulgent to give us a quick pick-me-up. When most people think of productivity, they first think of coffee: think again! A good snack can also help keep your employees productive. Next time you reach for a piece of candy, bag of potato chips, or something else unhealthy, think about healthier alternatives. Eating things that are nutritious can help you remain productive at work, even in the exhausting late afternoon hours. We profile some of our favorite breakroom supply snacks that are both enjoyable and provide nutritional value!

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The History of Stamps

Did you know the first stamp was created on May 6th, 1840? Britain was actually the country that issued the first stamp, named the “Penny Black.” Take a journey through history and see the evolution of the stamp in its early days of existence.

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Our Top Cooler Than Cool Office Supplies

We spend a lot of time in our offices. These cool and innovative office supplies may just make your employees say “TGI Monday.” Did you know? Fun and unique supplies can instantly boot employee morale. By changing just a few office supplies and making them fun and unique, you can boost employee morale instantly. Here are some of our favorite and fun office supplies for every office:  Read more