Counterfeit Toners: Learn About Fake Products Sold on Amazon

The Issue with Counterfeits

One of the biggest issues plaguing online businesses is the existence of counterfeits. For one reason or another, some sellers use online platforms like Amazon to hand off fake products that are designed to look like ones from proper companies. Ink & toner in particular are frequently faked, since it is hard to tell the difference between real cartridges and knockoffs. Not only is this detrimental to legitimate sellers, but it can also be a problem for the buyer as well.

Keep reading to learn more about counterfeits, and see why things like fake ink & toner can be extremely dangerous.

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The Top Reasons to Buy your Office Supplies Locally

Buying Facility Supplies Locally in NJ, NY

There are a lot of misconceptions shoppers have when it comes to buying from small businesses compared to corporate stores. People often believe that shopping locally means pricing will be higher and inventory might not always be readily available. CMF Business Supplies is ready to discredit these myths. We proudly serve select counties in the NJ and NY area with all your facility supply needs. Shopping with your local office supply store means supporting your community and receiving unbeatable customer service while doing so. It also means customized services that aren’t always available at big box stores. Below we have outlined more of the top reasons why you should buy all your facility and office supplies locally.
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CMF Water Coolers & Productivity: How H20 Keeps Staff Energized

Do you find yourself feeling tired after a long day at the office? Studies show that you are not alone. According to an article from, feeling fatigued is one of the first signs of dehydration. Along with its energizing benefits, water can also help employees be healthier from the inside out. Combat exhaustion, while improving productivity with water coolers for the office. We outline the benefits of H20 in the office as well as profile Alpine Coolers and beverage services.

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What Kills Your Productivity?

[Infographic] What Kills Your Productivity?

There are so many distractions in the office nowadays, that sometimes it seems impossible to get important projects completed. Stop procrastinating and take a deeper look into what is negatively impacting your productivity. We outline how technology and other office distractions kills your productivity.

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Office Furniture Moving Guide

Office Furniture Moving Guide

Changing office spaces does not have to be a stressful experience. If your company plans ahead, your moving efforts will be successful. By staying organized and working with an office relocation professional service, you should be able to move your office without any hassles. Here are some things you may not have thought about moving office furniture. We outline our guide to moving office furniture more efficiently and cost effectively.

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What Does Your Lobby Say About Your Business?

When visitors enter your facility, the first thing they see is the lobby. The old saying, “first impressions are golden” applies to this situation. Since this is the first impression for your customers and visitors, it’s important that the lobby represents your brand in a positive manner. We outline several tips that can ensure customers will have a favorable, lasting impression of your business as soon as they walk through the front door.

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How to Make Your Employees More Productive

Perhaps you have heard the saying that a company is only as good as its employees. In order to have top quality work come out of your company, you need to assure that your employees are productive and motivated enough to help you grow. Determined employees can help your business become more successful, but in order for them to do so productivity is key. Whether it is building better communication or learning the latest office hacks, take some of these tips with you to make your employees more productive and help lead your team to better performance and business success.

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Fun Activities in New Jersey this Summer

While many from the New York and Pennsylvania seek out the iconic beaches of New Jersey for family vacations, locals know that the Garden State is much more than a beach. There will be activities galore that make up the calendar of events of awesome things to do in NJ in July.