Do Some Printing With High Speed Multi-Purpose Copy Paper

Copy Paper for Home & the Office

Anyone who works in an office environment needs to have a steady supply of copy paper for the office printer. If you need to stock up, consider buying High Speed Multi-Purpose Copy Paper. This brand of paper can be used with several printer models, and has other uses besides printing documents. Keep reading to see what this multi-purpose copy paper can be used for.

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Best of the Best: The Top Office Products for 2019

Great New Products for 2019

2019 is underway, and with each passing year advances in technology lead to the creation of brand new office supplies. Each year new tools are developed to make life easier for the hundreds of office workers across the country. If you are looking for something new to help you at work, we have plenty of helpful items in stock.
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Let’s Give Thanks: Office Supplies We Are Thankful to Have

Office Supplies That Have Helped Us Year Round

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, which means it is time to give thanks for the many wonderful things we have. To celebrate, we would like to showcase a few specific office products that we are very grateful for. Office supplies help us manage busy workdays, and these specific items have been particularly beneficial to us. Continue reading and see why we are thankful to have these office supplies around the workplace.
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Product Spotlight: Bankers Box File Storage

An organized office is an efficient office, but while not every office’s needs are the same, the need for file storage organization is universal. Below we have profiled items from the quality product line of document management industry leader Bankers Box. These products can fill your needs for durable, functional file storage solutions.
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Make Your Mark: Why You Need a Custom Stamp

Custom stamps are a huge time-saver for businesses of all types. By speeding up mailing, inventory, shipping and other common business processes, you can streamline any business with high-quality custom stamps. At CMF Supplies, we have a broad range of custom stamps, self-inking stamps, and stamp supplies to get your business processes on track.
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Get to Know Some of the Top Office Products

[Infographic] Get to Know Some of the Top Office Products

Many of us may find ourselves using some of the top office products on a weekly or even daily basis. These office supplies can be used to write, organize, print and complete office tasks. When diving deeper into these products, it was eye opening to discover where they began, and just how far they have come. Below we have outlined the evolution of these products from their design to their rate of consumption today.

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Smart Snacks for the Breakroom

It’s 3 o’clock Somewhere: Smart Snack Choices for the Breakroom

We all have those late afternoon cravings in the office for something sweet and indulgent to give us a quick pick-me-up. When most people think of productivity, they first think of coffee: think again! A good snack can also help keep your employees productive. Next time you reach for a piece of candy, bag of potato chips, or something else unhealthy, think about healthier alternatives. Eating things that are nutritious can help you remain productive at work, even in the exhausting late afternoon hours. We profile some of our favorite breakroom supply snacks that are both enjoyable and provide nutritional value!

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How Post-it Notes Can Give Your Life a Facelift

Behind the Post-it Note From the quirky creations one can find on Pinterest to the everyday abilities around the office, the uses for Post-it Notes are endless. On accident, Dr. Spencer Silver developed a repositionable adhesive, but the 3M scientist didn’t know what to do with his discovery, and as a result, the Post-It Note […]

8 Fun Office Products Hacks that Will Spruce up Your Work Area


If you find yourself constantly unplugging your computer when you meant to unplug your phone charger, there’s an office hack for that. How about if you can’t seem to keep your headphones from getting untangled? Well, there’s an office hack for that, too. Keep your office products and gadgets organized with these stress savers.

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