CMF Water Coolers & Productivity: How H20 Keeps Staff Energized

Do you find yourself feeling tired after a long day at the office? Studies show that you are not alone. According to an article from, feeling fatigued is one of the first signs of dehydration. Along with its energizing benefits, water can also help employees be healthier from the inside out. Combat exhaustion, while improving productivity with water coolers for the office. We outline the benefits of H20 in the office as well as profile Alpine Coolers and beverage services.

Benefits of H20 in the Office

WebMd suggests that water will help energize muscles. Cells that don’t take in sufficient liquids and electrolytes shrink, which in turn can result in muscle fatigue. Muscles that don’t have enough fluids won’t work as well and performance can suffer.

Water can help control calorie intake and improve the appearance of skin. By substituting water over high calorie drinks, you will curb your appetite and feel fuller longer. Water can

help your body by locking in moisture and reducing the appearance of dry, wrinkled skin. With these two factors combined, water has the potential to make you feel just as good on the inside as you look on the outside.

Even the mildest form of dehydration will impact productivity at the office. According to a Tufts University study, moderate dehydration losses, as low as 2% body weight, can impair performance.

Alpine Water Coolers & Beverage Service


Alpine Water Coolers are a good option for employers looking to keep their staff hydrated. This filtration system offers an environmentally friendly and healthy source of purified water. Save time and money, without the hassle of handling heavy water jugs. These eco-friendly water coolers are tested and certified by the Water Quality Association.

The water coolers feature stylish faucets with hot and cold water capabilities. Choose floor or countertop units based on your needs. With style, functionality, and convenience, these water coolers can be a perfect addition to your company’s breakroom.

Check out our coffee and beverage services to see how you can better hydrate your staff today!