Office Furniture Moving Guide

Office Furniture Moving Guide

Changing office spaces does not have to be a stressful experience. If your company plans ahead, your moving efforts will be successful. By staying organized and working with an office relocation professional service, you should be able to move your office without any hassles. Here are some things you may not have thought about moving office furniture. We outline our guide to moving office furniture more efficiently and cost effectively.

Furniture Components

Desk and Furniture Components

Employees should be responsible for organizing their own belongings before the move. Department managers should oversee this entire process. Start with emptying out all desks, cabinets, shelves, and more. This is also an essential opportunity to do some long overdue cleaning. Dispose of all belongings that are not needed in the new office space, such as old paper work and other junk that has been adding up for years.

Place desk and other furniture contents into recycled cardboard boxes and label each box with your name, department, and contact information. New office address and suite number, if applicable, should also be listed on the outside of the boxes. Organize your belongings by drawer to ensure easier unpacking when the move is complete. With this method, you can simply unpack the belongings and place the items in the right drawer. Once the move is complete, employees should be responsible for unpacking their own belongings.

Computer & Electronic Equipment

Moving Computers and Electronics

There might be certain computer and electronic equipment that your employees can not simply package themselves. For certain copiers, faxes, and other equipment, you may need to contact the manufacturer or third party vendor who originally installed the equipment. These items would be considered separate from the normal moving process. The third party service representatives would have to be scheduled separately to move the equipment to the new office.

All loose wires should be labeled and placed in their own boxes to avoid any confusion. Machinery filled with liquids should be emptied before the move to prevent any messes from happening. Each employee’s computer data should be backed up prior to the move and other components such as modems, monitors, and speakers must be disconnected. We recommend placing computers and their components in bubble wrap and then placing everything in cardboard boxes.

Are you looking to simplify your office moving process? If so, learn more about our office furniture moving services. Our space planning and design experts can help ensure that your new office will promote productivity and your company’s mission.