Plan Ahead: The Best Calendars for the New Year

The Best Calendars for 2018

Since the New Year is right around the corner, many office workers will need a new calendar for their workspace. There are a wide variety of calendars on the market, so it can be a bit overwhelming to find one that fits your needs. If you are having trouble finding a new calendar to use in 2018, take a look at the following suggestions.

Desk Calendar

Desk Calendar with Refill

Desk calendars are good to use if you want to have a small calendar that you can keep right on your work desk. Each day on this calendar is spread out across two pages, and there is space included for half-hour appointment reminders. In addition, there is free space you can use to write down any additional notes you want to remind yourself of.

One thing to note about this calendar is that there are two separate purchases to make. You will need to purchase a separate calendar base first, then you can purchase the calendar paper that goes with it. One benefit from this is that you can hold onto the base until next year, and you can just purchase a refill of paper instead of buying a brand new calendar.

Monthly Deskpad Calendar

Monthly Desk Pad Calendar

This monthly deskpad calendar is a good choice if you want a bigger calendar to have on your work desk. The calendar was made with a reinforced chipboard back, and also has vinyl corners.

Each date on the calendar is in bold, so they are all easy to identify, even if you put any notes near them. All the sheets are bound at the top and are easy to tear off once a particular month is completed.

Scenic Monthly Wall Calendar

Scenic Monthly Wall Calendar

If you are looking for something a little more decorative for your office space this scenic monthly wall calendar will get the job done. The calendar can hang write on the wall in your office, and each page features a unique full-color image.

Each day is given its own block, so you will be able to write down small reminders that you can use to keep up with specific appointments or due dates. This is the calendar to get if you want to liven up your office space a bit.

Flip-A-Week Desk Calendar

Weekly Desk Calendar

The flip-a-week calendar is similar to the previous desk calendar, but the main difference is that each page focuses on a single week. While you won’t have as much writing space for a single day, this calendar will let you plan ahead for the entire week. When you are done with a page it can easily flip up into a convenient storage base, so you can easily hold onto pages you still need.

Federal holidays are highlighted on this calendar, and you can get a peek at the next two months in the top right corner of each page. Like with the other desk calendar, you will need to purchase a specific calendar base if you don’t already have one.


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