School Supplies That Scream Success

Start the School Year Off Right

As the summer begins to wind down, it’s impossible not to start thinking about the start of the new school year. Though students are savoring the last few weeks, for many school teachers, the work has already begun. Since there’s a lot for teachers to do before the students even arrive, the last thing we want them to be thinking about is school supplies. Since we know how stressful these final days of vacation can be, we decided to help make things a little easier. Below we have outlined some school supply tips for teachers as well as our favorite supplies that are sure to lead to student success.

School Supply Tips for Teachers

  • You can never have enough pencils
  • Never underestimate the need for erasers.
  • Washable markers may become your best friend
  • Sharpened pencils may lead to neater handwriting
  • Stapled papers can keep you organized
  • Switch things up with different colors of dry erase markers.
  • Crayons are perfect to use during arts and crafts
  • Notebooks, planners and organizers are a must
  • Sharpies can make correcting papers a breeze

Our Top School Supplies

Classpack Large Size Crayons

Crayons Classpack

With 400 crayons included, this box is sure to last the entire school year. With eight colors to choose from, your students will have all they need to create something great. It even comes in a sorted container so they will always remain organized.

Golf & Pew Pencil

Golf Pew Pencils

How many times has a student asked you for a pencil? With this 144-count box, you will never be without. They come pre-sharpened so the work is already done for you. They are also a mini size which makes it perfect for small hands who are just learning how to write.

Scented Watercolor Marker

Mr Sketch Scented

These aren’t your ordinary markers. Each color is vibrant and equipped with a unique scent. This can then help foster creativity and spark imagination within your students. Not only are they comfortable to grip, they are fun to use!

Arrowhead Eraser Caps

Arrowhead Eraser Caps

These Arrowhead Eraser Caps are designed to fit snuggly on the end of your pencil. They are perfect to use when making corrections on standardized tests, homework, other documents and much more. With their smudge-free capabilities, mistakes will be erased with ease.

TeacherPro Electric Pencil Sharpener

TeacherPro Electric Pencil Sharpener

This electric pencil sharpener was designed specifically for the classroom. It’s heavy duty and equipped to handle long term usage. It’s made with a quiet electrical motor so it can be used in the classroom without any disruptions.

Composition Books

Composition Books

These composition books are durable and perfect for classroom use. They have a class schedule grid right on the front cover so students can stay organized. They are wide ruled, and also have a name tag on the front so each student will always know whose is whose.


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