The Best Beaches in NJ & NY

Cause Down the Shore Everything’s Alright

Every year thousands of people flock to the beaches on the east coast just to take in the warm weather and salty air. Since we call New Jersey home, we know all too well that there’s nothing quite like a summer spent at the shore. To us, a good beach is a place where you can find the ultimate relaxation spot as well as enjoy many different activities with family, friends and loved ones. Luckily, our local area is surrounded by some of the best and most popular beaches to enjoy. Below is a list of some of our favorite beaches in both New Jersey and New York that guarantee to fulfill your summer wish list.

Asbury Park Beach (NJ)

Asbury Park Beach, NJ


Asbury Park Beach is a great place to visit if you are looking to shop, dine, walk the boardwalk or simply just swim and surf. The boardwalk has a wide variety of restaurants that accommodates many different cuisines. On the first Saturday of every month, all the shops and restaurants stay open late so visitors can get their late-night fill. New to the boardwalk is also the Silver Ball Museum Arcade which houses hundreds of unique pinball games for visitors to enjoy. Asbury Park Beach will be able to fill all your summertime desires and has a lot to offer in one convenient location.

Island Beach State Park (NJ)

Island Beach State Park, NJ


Island Beach State Park is a preserved barrier island that aims to protect the shoreline and marine life. The park contains more than 10 miles worth of sandy beaches and is also home to many dense forests and tidal marshes. Island Beach has many different forms of wildlife including foxes, ospreys and over 300 species of plants. The majority of visitors come to swim or fish, but there are other recreational activities set up along the shore. The state park is not far from the Seaside Boardwalk and has beautiful views of The Barnegat Light House.

Sandy Hook Beach (NJ)

Sandy Hook Beach, Nj

Sandy Hook Beach is a beautiful peninsula located across from the Highlands that has a view of the Manhattan skyline. There is over a seven mile stretch of beaches that are perfect for surfing, swimming, parasailing or just relaxing in the sand. Nature lovers will also be happy to know that there are over 300 species of birds and the Holly Forest nearby. The Highlands offers an abundance of seafood restaurants and nightlife options for those who are interested in staying for a longer period of time. The Highlands is also home to the Twin Lighthouses, commissioned by the Federal Government in 1828 to aid the ships navigating the harbor. Since this is a popular spot on the weekends, be sure to get there early for good parking!

Coney Island Beach and Boardwalk (NY)

Coney Island Beach, NY

Coney Island Beach is an ideal destination if you are looking to get away from the hot and crowded city. Since there are over three miles worth of sandy shorelines, it’s a great way to unwind and enjoy the warm weather. There are many activities set up along the beach to stay active such as volleyball, basketball and handball. Coney Island Beach also has a boardwalk that is home to the New York Aquarium, delicious food options and amusement rides. Whether you are a beach bum or looking for adventure, Coney Island has a lot to offer.

Jones Beach State Park (NY)

Jones Beach State Park in NY


Jones Beach State Park is world famous and is home to over 6.5 miles of white-sand beaches in Long Island. The shore is designed on the theme of an ocean liner and offers several different activities other than swimming and lounging in the sand. Visitors can take a stroll along the boardwalk, fish, visit a historic exhibit, play miniature golf and grab a bite to eat at one of many concession stands. In addition, the Nikon at Jones Beach Theater hosts many concerts over the summer. If families are looking for something more relaxing, the Theodore Roosevelt Nature Center is open to learn more about marine life and the history of the park. Jones Beach State Park is a perfect getaway for people of all ages.

Cedar Grove Beach (NY)

Cedar Grove Beach in NY

Cedar Grove Beach is the perfect place to come if you are looking to escape the city life and focus purely on relaxation. This is Staten Islands’ newest beach and it has been converted into an oceanfront bungalow to create a private beach feel. The beach itself is charming and has clear views of the Manhattan Bridge. Since it is located off the beaten path, it proves to be smaller and more tranquil than many of the other beaches in New York. There are always lifeguards on duty, which is perfect for family fun and swimming. Concession stands are not yet built, so be sure to pack a lunch!

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