8 Fun Office Products Hacks that Will Spruce up Your Work Area


If you find yourself constantly unplugging your computer when you meant to unplug your phone charger, there’s an office hack for that. How about if you can’t seem to keep your headphones from getting untangled? Well, there’s an office hack for that, too. Keep your office products and gadgets organized with these stress savers.

8 Office Hacks: Mason Jar-Pen Holder1. Not just for canning, mason jars make great writing instrument and rubber band organizers. Instead of tossing your rubber bands in the jar, wrap them around it for easy access. Bonus: Spruce your mason jar up by decorating it with permanent markers. 
8 Office Hacks: Extension Cord Organizer2. Never again be confused about which wires on your extension cords belong to what. Use bread tabs to mark then. 
8 Office Hacks: Binder Clip Detangler Organizer3. Detangling headphones can be a pain. Avoid having to do so by wrapping them around a binder clip. 
Office Hacks: Picture Hanging Strips4. Never lose a dry erase marker again with picture hanging strips. Attach one to your board and the other to your marker. When you’re not using the marker, store it right on your board. 
5. Recycle toilet paper rolls – they can be used to organizers cords. 
8 Office Hacks: Push Pin Ideas6. Free up some space on your desk by keeping your writing instruments in an envelope pinned to a bulletin board. 
8 Office Hacks: Cleaning Keyboard Ideas7. Use a piece of tape to clean out crumbs and dust that gets stuck between the keys on your keyboard. 
8 Office Hacks: Monitor Stand ideas8. Don’t have access to a monitor stand? A magazine holder will do the trick. Bonus: It creates a drawer for storing other office supplies. 

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