Saying goodbye to long summer nights and preparing for the upcoming school year is not always something one looks forward to. While you might be ready for your kids to head back to school, your kids might not feel the same. Reclaiming that motivated feeling can be difficult so take advantage of your last summer weeks by planning ahead with our back to school checklist.

  • 1. Organizer

    Adding an organizer to your back to school supplies eliminates the shuffling around in the bottom of your bag to find what you are looking for. An organizer can help keep supplies together so you spend more time taking notes than searching for a pen.

  • 2. Writing supplies

    It is inevitable that your collection of pens and pencils will slowly disappear within the first month of school. Stock up on all necessary writing supplies in order to avoid asking the kid in the desk next to you for one of theirs.

  • 3. Camera

    A picture is worth a thousand words. Capture every moment of the school year with a camera. These are the days you’ll never forget.

  • 4. Desk accessories

    Keeping organized can help make the school year go by smoothly. With your numerous textbooks and loose papers piling up on your desk, purchasing desk accessories such as pencil cup organizers can help you stay organized in and out of school.

  • 5. Headphones

    No matter what grade you are entering one thing will never change – privacy. What comes along with the school environment is the lack of alone time. Purchasing headphones can help block out any outside noise and help you create your own version of personal space for hardcore studying.

  • 6. USB/Hard drive

    Although not necessary for the younger ones who still use coloring books and macaroni necklaces, as students get older the need for technology and the amount of it increases. Carrying an external hard drive can help back up that research paper you can’t afford to lose and easily transport work from device to device.

  • 7. Binders

    Keep a binder for each class as another way to stay organized. Starting school again is hard enough without the stress of ruining or losing papers every time you shove them into your backpack.

  • 8. Notebook

    Whatever your preference, the classic Mead one subject notebook, or the Five Star two subject notebook, can help you stay organized and on top of your schoolwork.

  • 9. Post-it Notes

    Post-it Notes are the perfect back to school accessory to have handy. Whether you need to leave reminders with the classic adhesive note pad, or take in-text notes with page markers, Post-it Notes are available in many forms for all back to school needs.