Fall in Love with Your Workspace [Design Ideas]

Having the right office décor and supplies can be a contributing factor in determining how productive you are and how focused you can stay throughout the workday. Get comfortable at work, after all, you spend enough time there!

How to Make Your Office More Conducive to Your Working style

Pick a Plant A number of studies have proven that plants help to to reduce stress levels in offices by first reducing blood pressure. When stuck in an office where flu germs can spread astronomically plants can literally help you stay healthy. Plants that are popular for purifying air (even removing toxins such as mold, dust, and other destructive impurities) include:

  • Aloe vera
  • Spider plant
  • Ficus

Let There Be Light Artificial lighting is not an optimal lighting choice and can cause eye strain, drowsiness, and headaches. Try rearranging your office space so natural lighting from a window is the dominant source of light. If natural light is not available, take frequent breaks outdoors to get some sunshine (weather permitting of course). Doing some should help you and your employees recharge and refocus. Color The colors you surround yourself with can alter your mood. If you tend to be sluggish at work, opt for bright colors like neon green for an energy boost. You can achieve these pops of color through office supplies or a painted wall.

Blue Considered the most productive color, blue is perfect for those who crunch numbers or work in a field in which their mind is constantly in use.
Yellow Creative minds need to be surrounded by yellow. This color inspires the ego and in turn helps creative juices flow.
Red Red is a power color and for those who work in a physically demanding workspace, it’s great choice. It motivates tangibly, not just mentally.
Green Green is a soothing and calming color. If you work in a stressful office, it can promote stability and support.

Bring on the Happiness Just because it is a work place, does not mean the space has to be stoic. Try adding things that make you happy. Bring in photos of family and friends; these are great conversation starters and when you are feeling stressed out can make you smile. Also, think about adding some art. I have a poster of the New York City skyline hanging in my office. It reminds me to keep my dreams alive because one tiny island has endless possibilities. Try outfitting your desk with unconventional office supplies like your favorite football team’s helmet that doubles as a tape dispenser or printed mouse pad to add a pop of color.