How to Avoid Bacteria Growth in your Coffee Machine

Chances are that your office drinks coffee. Probably a lot of it. Spending time around the coffee machine at work is a way for people to a take a break from work and interact with others in the office. Did you know that coffee is almost the most popular drink in the world right behind water? Did you also know that you coffee machine could foster lots of bacteria that can cause illness? CMF Supplies wants you to know the down low on how to avoid bacteria in your coffee machine and offers some advice to stay safe.

Avoid Bacteria in Your Coffee Machine

  • Each coffee machine is going to be different so that means the cleaning process will be as well. Make sure a “cleaning card” is included so you know the correct way to clean.
  • You will have to do a deep clean of your machine sporadically. That includes any water filters, the outside of the machine, etc.
  • Descaling is also another good idea to do. Water leaves deposits of calcium over time and using a citric-acid based solution will help to clean out this bacteria.
  • Most vendors will provide you with a service technician who can help you out if any problems arise.
  • If you have a machine that steams milk for lattes or cappuccinos, then the milk can produce bacteria. Therefore you must make sure you clean this more often.

Now that you are aware of how to keep up with cleaning your office coffee machine, get your free trial started today. CMF Supplies also has all the coffee supplies that you could need in your New Jersey, New York or Pennsylvania office.