Our Top Cooler Than Cool Office Supplies

We spend a lot of time in our offices. These cool and innovative office supplies may just make your employees say “TGI Monday.” Did you know? Fun and unique supplies can instantly boot employee morale. By changing just a few office supplies and making them fun and unique, you can boost employee morale instantly. Here are some of our favorite and fun office supplies for every office: 

Karate Pop- Up Note Dispenser, with 90- sheet Pop- up Note Pad Popup-Stickies Kick your office into high gear with the Karate Pop-Up Not Dispenser. With each note, you get a little fun with a karate chop to organization.
Scotch® NFL Helmet Tape Dispenser, New York Giants Helmet Support your favorite football team year around with a NFL Helmet Tape Dispenser. Tackle projects head on and never miss the snap!
DeskTek Pen Cup Pen Cup Never lose your phone again! With the DeskTek Pen Cup, your pens and phone will be within an arm’s reach.
TREND® “Life Signs” ARGUS Poster Combo Pack, 6 Posters/ Pack Life Signs Spice up your work space with these creative and funky work signs from TREND®. This is a great way to start interactions and get the creative juices flowing.
Swingline® Half Strip Fashion Stapler, 20- Sheet Capacity, Blue Half Strip Stapler Blue is considered the most productive color. By adding this blue staples, from Swingline®, you can instantly add a splash of color and some inspiration to your office supplies.
Kokoyu Co., Ltd. Staple-Free Stapler Staple Free Stapler No need to waster your time with looking for staples to refill. With the staple-free stapler, you can amaze your co-workers with this environmentally friendly and money saving stapler.
Quality Park Assorted color paper corner clips Assorted clips Keep your files together in style with these colorful paper corner clips from Quality Park. You can reuse these or if you don’t need them, you can leave them on while shredding.
Prismacolor® Scholar Eraser Scholar Eraser Step out of the box and into the triangle! The triangle shape is easier for all size hands to use and adds extra flair to the office.

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