Smooth Move: Office Relocation Checklist

Moving from one office space to another can be a full time job – one that can be challenging to juggle along with a full time job you already have. In order to have a smooth move, you need to be organized and plan ahead. Schedule a move in date then follow these tips.

At Least 6 Months Before Moving Day

      • Notify staff and current landlord.
      • Establish a moving team. The purpose of this team is to assist you with your move. Ideally, your team should consist of one employee from each department or like departments. Meet with this team and assign each member tasks such as:

-Packing and labeling boxes-Loading a moving truck-Keeping a list of all products that need to be moved.-Making sure all closets at your current location are cleaned out.

      • Visit the new space and get its measurements.
      • Make note of any repairs the new location needs and arrange for them to be made prior to your move in date.
      • Establish a moving budget. Can you afford to hire movers or a space planning expert? If so …

-Meet with a space planning and interior design

    expert. He or she will be able to help you determine a layout for your new space, as dependent upon the needs of your business.

  • Inspect current office furniture and business products. Is everything in good condition? If anything is damaged, you may need to order products.

3 Months Before Moving Day

  • Send your first communication out to your customers to let them know you will be moving. The communication should include the address of your new location along with the date business will be conducted from that location. This is especially important if your customers visit your physical location to do business.
  • Let your vendors know about your move.
  • Order new stationary.
  • If you will be hiring a moving company, thoroughly research companies and book your moving date.
  • Encourage employees to begin sorting through papers and purging what they no longer need.
  • Provide staff with boxes and encourage staff to label them accordingly.
  • Make a list of everything that will be getting moved to the new space.

1 Month Before Moving Day

  • Clean out closets and filing cabinets.
  • Submit a change of address form to your local post office.
  • Provide you new address to companies that send you mail such as companies you have magazine subscriptions with.
  • Send a second communication to customers, reminding them about your move.

1 to 2 Weeks Before Moving Day

  • Encourage staff to give their work areas a final cleaning.
  • Pack up common areas.
  • Inspect your current space. Seek out possible damages and get them fixed.
  • Contact electric, gas, phone, and Internet companies. Transfer over your company’s name to the new location. Let these companies know when your move in date is. Some Internet and phone providers will need to visit your location to install services and require appointments. Make sure a time is scheduled for this to be done.
  • Confirm your move in date with the property manager of your new location.

Moving Day

  • Do a walkthrough of your new location. If anything needed to be fixed, verify that it has been fixed.
  • Change your company’s address on your website, in email signatures, and other locations that apply.
  • If you’re using a moving company, be sure to observe movers. After they are done unloading, verify that everything has been moved in the condition it was packed.

After Your Move

  • Send a final communication out to your customers to let them know about your move. You can even include photos of your new place.
  • If any phone numbers have been changed, be sure your employees get a phone list and numbers have been changed in all places that apply.
  • Distribute new keys to employees.

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