What We Can Learn From Google

Google is synonymous with ground breaking ideas and technology. So why shouldn’t their offices where they work be just as unique? Google has offices in New York City, San Francisco and many more. In fact, there are over 70 offices in more than 40 countries. But what can we learn from Google’s distinctive office designs? Collaboration is Key Google’s biggest design element is the collaborative workspace. People are constantly changing desks and working in different areas of the office. In New York City, the office is an entire city block. They believe that if people have unplanned encounters be it in a larger stairway or at a desk in the hallway, that it will foster creativity. New York City, Source: Google

Food Equals Happiness There are not many rules when you work for Google. You don’t even have to work from the office. However, there main rule is no one will be more 150 feet from food. There are tons of different options for dining including dining halls that are of course themed, micro-kitchens and candy bars. And all food is free. Google wants people to interact with others that they would never work with. You never know who you may meet and where it can lead. Francisco, Source: Google

Have Fun When walking the giant hallways in Google office in the Chelsea neighborhood, there is a very high chance you will run into a four legged friend. Employees are allowed to bring the dogs to work everyday if they choose. They have a TGIF party every week where Google throws an end of the week party to kick start everyone’s weekend. There are video game stations, pole you can slide down to get from floor to floor, and even a Lego room where you can build a masterpiece.

Pittsburgh, Source: Google
New York City, Source: Google
San Francisco, Source: Google

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