CMF & Mother Earth: A Partnership Worth Investing In

At CMF Supplies, reducing our carbon footprint and getting numbers such as these down, has always been something that’s important to us. As a result, we’ve partnered with Mother Earth, and you can too.

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What Were Doing in Our “Partnership” with Mother Earth

  1. Eco-friendly office supplies are here to stay. To cut down on waste, we offer and recommend filtered water coolers over water bottles. Learn more about our eco-friendly office supply offerings.
  2. Reduce, reuse, and recycle mentality. Our company has adapted this mentality within business operations and we encourage our employees to be more eco-friendly. As part of this, we’ve equipped our sales team with tablets to present digital presentations as opposed to distributing printed fact sheets and flyers. In addition, recycle bins are prominently displayed throughout our office
  3. An ink and toner recycling program is in place at CMF.
  4. Smarter routes for our drivers. We strategically plan smarter routes for our truck drivers so they use less fuel and emit less carbon dioxide into the air. In doing so, we consolidate delivery routes and run them different times of the week.
  5. We promote used office furniture. Don’t get us wrong – we love brand new office furniture, but the earth smiles when you opt for used. Sometimes companies simply need to purchase new, as enough matching pieces of used furniture to fill an office may be unavailable. Before you throw out furniture, resell or donate gently used pieces, otherwise it’ll just sit in a landfill.

What is your company doing to give back to Mother Earth? We are proud to partner with her. Contact us to order your eco-friendly office supplies or furniture.

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