Get Ready for Back-to-School: Essential School Supplies for 2019

School is Almost in Session Again

August is upon us, which means the new school year is just around the corner. Students are not ready to go back just yet, but it would be wise to start back-to-school shopping now. Lots of people will be rushing to grab supplies as the month progresses, so getting ahead of the game can prevent unnecessary stress. Whether you are shopping for yourself or for your own students, these are some of the school supplies you should grab. 

Mechanical Pencils 

BiC Mechanical Pencils

Tired of having to get up to sharpen your pencil each time the point breaks? You should consider switching over to mechanical pencils for class. When the tip breaks you can simply twist a mechanism to raise the point of the pencil back up, which allows you to get back into your work much quicker. 

One recommended model is the Twist-Erase III, a sturdy mechanical pencil from Pentel. Its sturdy grip makes it comfortable to hold, and a strong guard around the tip reduces the risk of the tip breaking, allowing you to get more mileage with your writing. 

Three-Ring Binders w/ Extra Paper 

Three Ring Binder

You need take notes in something during class, so be sure to pick up some binders with a set of loose-leaf paper. Three-ring binders are highly recommended over regular notebooks, since you can use a hole puncher to store papers and assignments with your notes. Also, if you do homework in your binder, you can easily take it out without the risk of tearing the paper too much. 

It would be a smart idea to have one binder for each of your classes, so you have an easier time organizing your notes. Try to buy binders with distinct colors, since this will make it easier for you distinguish them. In addition, shop for an extra set of loose-leaf paper to keep at home so you can put more in your binder when you start running out of space. 

Binder Dividers 

Avery Binder Dividers

To go along with your new binders, you should get some binder dividers. You will be taking plenty of notes during class, and it can be very difficult to find a specific piece of information without some form of organization. 

With binder dividers, you can split up your notes into sections that are reserved for specific topics. With a history binder, for example, one section can be used for information about the 1800’s, and another can be used for notes on the 1900’s. Dividers are also great for sectioning off your notes so you know what information you should focus on when studying for an exam. 

Weekly Planner 

Weekly Planner

There is a lot to keep track of during the school year: homework, exams, events, trips, fundraisers, and much more. Trying to commit everything to memory is a challenge, so consider grabbing a weekly planner to use for class. Weekly planners are also great for parents who are homeschooling and need a way to keep track of a student’s assignments

With a planner, you can make notes for specific days so you know when a project is due, or when an important exam is coming up. If you are a college student, you can benefit from the class timetable included with the planner from House of Doolittle. College classes can be spaced out a bit, so having a schedule to follow can keep you from showing up late. 

Index Cards 

Index Cards

Regardless of what grade you are in, having an extra set of index cards is always a good idea. Index cards are especially helpful for reviews, since you can use them to test how much you remember about specific certain concepts and terms. Having these terms written on cards separate from your notes will make it much easier for you to remember what you need to study. 

Since these cards are small, they are easy to carry around, so you can review your notes anywhere. Take them to a friend’s house so your friend can quiz you, or review them during a lunch break. Make sure you get a case to go with the index cards so you have a safe place to store them.  

A USB Drive 

USB Flash Drive

As you progress through your academic career, you will find yourself doing a lot more work on the computer. Schools usually have their own servers for you to save your work on, but sometimes the server can get messed up. Therefore, it would be wise to keep a USB drive with you so you can keep a copy of your work with you. 

If something happens to the files on the school’s server, you will have a backup to fall on, and you will not have to worry about redoing work. In addition, you can take your work home with you to finish it on your computer if you do not have enough time to finish at school. 

The items listed above can be found in CMF’s online catalog.