Nailing the First Impression: How Make Your Lobby Much More Inviting

Interior Design Tips for Your Office or Facility Lobby

When you have guests visiting your building, the lobby is the first thing they will see. You want to leave visitors with positive impressions of your business, so you need to make sure your lobby reflects your brand properly. After all, making clients feel welcome is the key to developing long and prosperous relationships with them. 

To help you out, we’ve compiled some tips on interior lobby design and hospitality. Use them to make your lobby the best it can be. 

Select Colors That Reflect Your Message

Palette of Colors, Including Red, Blue, and Yellow, Sitting on a Desk

When you are designing any part of your facility, color selection is extremely important when creating a space people will enjoy. Certain colors inspire certain emotions, so picking the right colors for the office furniture and the walls can help you make your lobby more inviting. Here are some examples of emotions that correlate with specific colors: 

  • Red: passion or excitement
  • Orange: enthusiasm and creativity
  • Blue: calmness and trust
  • Yellow: warmth and optimism
  • Green: creativity and peacefulness
  • Pink: compassion and sincerity
  • White: simplicity and calmness

Do you want to make your lobby more relaxing? Or do you want it to have vibrant colors that will get visitors excited to work with you? Think about the message you want to send to visitors, and design your lobby around the appropriate colors. 

Provide Food, Drinks, & Information

Two Cups of Coffee At Coffee Maker, Currently Brewing a New Batch

To make your clients and other visitors feel welcome, it would be smart to offer food and drinks in the lobby. To give an example, you could provide coffee and bagels if you’re expecting clients to come early in the morning. This will help wake them up a bit, and will set a good tone for the upcoming meeting. 

Besides refreshments, you could also provide some brochures with information about your company. Use them to talk about your history, and to explain some of the key services you offer. That way, anyone who is meeting with you for the first time can brush up on your company and services beforehand.  

Show off Your Logo

The Doctor’s Office Branded Mat Inside Reception Area

A great way to make your lobby more professional is by incorporating your company’s logo into it. By doing this, you are able to promote your brand to visitors as soon as they walk in. It also adds some striking visuals to your lobby, which will give visitors and guests a strong impression of your business right away. 

If you have generic floor mats in your lobby, consider replacing them with ones that are customized with your logo. You could also work with professional designers to create a sign you can hang in the entranceway. You want your lobby to reflect your brand, so don’t be afraid to think outside the box. 

Incorporate Plant Life

Tree & Another Plant Set Up Inside of a Waiting Area

One of the best ways to design an appealing and eco-friendly lobby is by incorporating plant life. Plants come in many different shapes and sizes, so you can give your lobby some striking visuals by placing a few of them around. You could even set up an eye-catching wall garden that will impress visitors as they walk in. 

Besides making your lobby look nicer, plants also make the space more inviting, especially for first-time visitors. Many plants have fresh scents, so they will keep your lobby smelling nice throughout the day. Plants can also absorb any pollutants in the air, which helps keep visitors happy and stress-free. 

Feel free to swap flowers out throughout the month to mix the colors up for different clients. 

Always Keep Things Clean

Janitor Mopping The Floor Outside of an Elevator in an Office Building

There’s more to making good first impressions than creating a good design for your lobby. Above all else, you should always strive to keep the lobby clean and presentable. You never know when you will have guests, and a lobby with lots of clutter and trash will reflect poorly upon your company’s image. 

Always keep a fresh stock of janitorial supplies on standby, including disinfectants, so you can wipe down any flat surfaces. Grab a vacuum or a mop to clean the floors, and be sure to do a little dusting as well. If you see any garbage, be sure to grab it and toss it right away. 

Maintaining a clean lobby is crucial if you want to leave guests with a good impression of your company. 

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