Green Your Office: How to Create an Eco-Friendly Workspace

Creating a Greener Office Space

In recent years, business owners have been working to make their offices more environmentally friendly. With an eco-friendly office you can promote a healthier work ethic, which can make your employees happier and more productive. Creating an eco-friendly office space might sound like a challenge, but the process of doing so is not that difficult. Read onward and learn about some different ways you can create an environmentally-friendly workspace for you and your employees.

Recycled Office Supplies

Recycled Desk Calendar
Purchasing eco-friendly supplies for your office is one of the easiest ways to create a greener workspace. Many office supplies, like desk calendars and monthly planners, are created using recycled materials, which helps the environment considerably. Items like these are also refillable, so you do not need to buy new ones when they run out of pages.

In addition, there are plenty of other office supplies that are made from recycled materials. The Officemate 2-in-1 Heavy Duty Tape Dispenser can dispense tape and hold some of your other supplies, and it is also made with recycled materials. The simple act of replacing your usual office supplies with recycled ones can make a big difference for the environment.

Eco-Friendly Office Furniture & Decorations

Mobile Filing Cabinet
Another good way to be environmentally aware is by incorporating eco-friendly office furniture into the workspace. The Two-Drawer Mobile Filing Cabinet from Storex, for example, was created using heavy-duty plastic, so it is possible to recycle it when it can no longer be used. This should not be a pressing issue though, because eco-friendly office furniture, like the HON 34000 Series Right Pedestal Desk, is also designed to be sustainable.

If you are looking for some decorations for the office, you might want to pick up a few different kinds of plants. They help to filter the air around you by emitting oxygen and absorbing any nearby pollutants. As a result, they make the office a healthier place, and they liven up the scenery around you.

Shop Locally

Shipping Truck
If you want to be environmentally aware, you should make an attempt to purchase supplies for your office locally. When you purchase furniture from a seller that is out of state, it has to travel a large distance in order to get to your location. Natural resources, like gas, are burned up during this process, so you can cut down on the amount of resources that companies waste when you purchase items from local stores.

When you are shopping online, try to find a store that is close to your office building so you can cut down on the amount of time the shipping truck has to travel. At CMF Business Supplies, we strive to consolidate travel routes so less gas is consumed when you order locally.

Donate or Sell Things You Do Not Need

Another thing you can do to be conscious of the environment is to donate or sell any items that you do not need anymore. After you buy a new chair for the office, it can be tempting to toss the old one straight into the trash. This is not a good idea, because it will simply waste away in one of the many landfills across the nation.

If you donate your older items to people who could find uses for them, you can cut down on the amount of garbage that piles up in landfills. In addition, any items that are still in good condition can be sold as well, so you can even make a little money in the process. Many of your items are built to last, so do not throw them out the moment you have no use for them.

Cut Down on Energy Usage

A Lightbulb
You should try to make an active attempt to cut down on energy usage at the office if you want to be more eco-friendly. Office machines tend to burn a lot of energy, even when no one is operating them. Wasted energy is not good for the environment, so try to work with your employees so you can cut down on the amount of energy used at the office.

If you know that the office printer will not be used for a while, make sure you shut it down until it needs to be used again. If no one is using a particular room at the moment, make sure to turn the lights off. Finally, make sure everyone powers down their computers before they leave the office at the end of the work day.

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