How CMF Makes Moving Office Furniture & Relocation Easy

Moving Doesn’t Have to be Stressful

Is your New Jersey office relocating? Moving heavy office furniture and supplies can seem like a daunting task. Make things easier for yourself by leaving the hardest parts up to the professionals. At CMF Business Supplies, not only do we provide you with a wide variety of office furniture to choose from, but we also deliver them right to your new place. Our services don’t stop there, see below how we can make moving and relocating your office furniture easy and stress free.

What We Do

CMF office furniture and relocation services

Once we get to your current office space we will conduct a physical inventory of all your office furniture. When this is completed we will then begin to disassemble, sort and stage all products. Once everything is assigned to its designated spot, we will then begin to transfer all your furniture to your new office. Once it has safely arrived, the most important part can start. We will unload all your furniture and work to install and configure it to your liking. You will be able to direct us to the exact spots you wish to have each individual piece. After this process is finished you will then be left with a brand new office space with furniture that has been carefully delivered and assembled.

The CMF Advantage

Office furniture and design layout

CMF takes pride in being one of New Jersey’s largest office supply, furniture and copy paper distributers. Since 1971 we have been working to offer exceptional products and services that complete your office space and make your job easier. Part of our success can be attributed to our experienced customer service and staff. When choosing us to move your office space you can rest assured knowing your furniture is in good hands. You will be guaranteed professional movers who treat your furniture as if it were their own. There’s not much we wouldn’t do in order to ensure our customers are satisfied and happy with the services they have received.

Space Planning & Design Services

Space planning and design services

Moving into a new office space can be an exciting time for any company to experience. With a new space comes the freedom to completely redesign and reimagine the way your office has always been seen. Aside from our moving services, our space planning and design capabilities can take your new office up a notch. Working with us means creating a space that not only looks great but can foster employee productivity and creativity. It doesn’t matter if your office is big or small, we make sure to best use every inch of space we have to work with. We use CAD software to create your design and will be available to answer any questions along the way. Together we can make your new office space something your employees are proud to walk into every day.

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