How to Choose the Right Paper Shredder for your Office

Why does your Office need a Paper Shredder?

Have you ever heard of the saying, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure?” This can be especially true if your office doesn’t properly dispose of important and private information. In this day and age, privacy for businesses is a major concern. According to, there are over 900,000 cases of data and identity theft every year. Expanding your office supplies to include proper paper shredders can help stop this threat from harming your office. Below we have outlined everything you need to know in order to choose the best paper shredder for your office needs.

Questions to Ask Yourself

Pieces of paper cut by a paper shredder

Before buying a paper shredder it’s important to ask yourself these questions.

  • What are you shredding? If your office needs to dispose of heavy duty materials such as envelopes, multi-page documents or unopened junk mail, you’ll need a shredder that can handle these items.
  • Do you need specific features? If you need to shred credit cards or data discs, a separate slot feature can come in handy. If your items are larger in size, look for a shredder with a wide feed slot.
  • How much do you have to shred? Volume of material is important when it comes to choosing the right shredder. If your office needs to shred a lot of material a personal shredder may not be for you. The more you shred the more your bin fills up. So, if you’re shredding a lot of paper you may want to look for a bin with a five-gallon capacity.
  • How long will the shredder be running for? If you prefer to shred items in a big batch, continuous run time is important. Check to see how long a shredder can run before it needs to cool off.

Things to Look out For

A paper shredder with different features available

There isn’t only one way a paper shredder can cut paper. Different kinds of cuts include cross-cut, strip-cut, micro-cut and high-security cut. These cuts differentiate in security level based on the amount of particles per sheet. The higher security you need, the more particles per piece of paper there will be. When shredding paper, you want the process to be done with ease and efficiency. Looking for jam proof shredders that are quiet and even save energy can all be added benefits.

Paper Shredder Accessories

A paper shredder accessory; performance oil

Choosing a paper shredder and opting for accessories to go along with it can expand the life of your shredder. Performance oils are able to extend the life of the cutters because it keeps them lubricated without any build up. This allows your machine to run smoothly and for long periods of time. Once all your paper is shredded, shredder bags are puncture resistant and available to dispose of all of your waste.

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