It’s all about the Packaging: How to Reduce Shipping Prices

What Shipping Prices Are Costing You

Is your business looking to reduce the amount of money spent on shipping? According to Forbes, 63 percent of customers cite excessive shipping costs as the reason why they cancelled a purchase. This means reducing shipping prices can not only save you money, but it can also bring you more business. In order to reduce shipping costs, doing your research ahead of time is key. Ultimately, negotiating shipping rates and paying for shipping online can result in discounts from selected shipping services. In addition to that, buying packaging supplies from your local office supply store comes with added benefits and special prices.

Negotiate Shipping Rates

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Entrepreneur states that whether your business is big or small, you still have the power and ability to negotiate shipping prices. Since most shipping companies have pricing schedules based on volume, it tends to be the more you ship, the lower your rate. Due to this, a common mistake made by small business owners is thinking they don’t have the opportunity to get lower prices. The truth is, if you have packages to ship, there may be room for improvement. Shopping around for different companies and comparing prices can end up saving you a lot of money. If other companies know you’re looking around they may be able to offer you better deals in exchange for your business. Don’t settle for prices that are too high, there is always room for a discount or rebate.

Pay Your Shipping Costs Online

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Once you have the prices negotiated, another way to cut costs even more is by paying for shipping online. Online postal services can save you up to 16 percent on priority mail orders and even 60 percent on express mail. You may also be able to receive free pick up service, delivery confirmation and shipping supplies. Discounts may also be rewarded if you invest in prepaid shipping. This means buying quantities of shipping labels, envelopes and tape ahead of time instead of paying for each package when you send it out. An advantage of this is being able to determine your shipping costs in advance.

Shop Around for Shipping Supplies

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The cost of packing supplies can add up quickly overtime. Money can be wasted when the materials you order take up a disproportionate amount of space. When this happens, you may be shipping items in a box that is too big for the purpose It needs to serve. Shipping companies usually allow you to order materials from them directly. Though this may seem like an easy and convenient way to receive labels and boxes, it isn’t necessarily the cheapest. Shopping around and buying in bulk from your local office supply store can save you money. Shopping there or ordering online can allow you to pay a fraction of the price that you would normally end up spending. The benefits of shopping locally may also mean deals and discounts as well as fast and efficient customer service.

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