Learn to Love Your Office Space

Give Your Office Space a Personal Touch

It can be hard to stay motivated at work if your office is not visually interesting. If you have trouble staying productive at the office, you might want to spend some time decorating so it suits your tastes. Giving your office space a personal touch can make you feel more at home at your workspace, and this can make you more productive. Use the following tips to transform your small or work from home office into a place you want to work in every day.

Set up a Plant or Fish Tank

Potted Plants

A good way to add some life to your workspace is to bring in a plant of some kind. Not only are plants pleasant to look at, but they also filter air in the office, which can help put you in a better mood. They can be especially helpful for people who work in rooms that have no windows.

Another good suggestion would be to install a fish tank in the office’s main area. A fish tank can help add some visual diversity to the workspace, and it gives everyone in the office something relaxing to look at during a break or meeting. Just remember to take good care of the fish, and make sure they are properly fed before everyone leaves at the end of the day.

Add Some Scents

Burning Candle

If you want to stay motivated at work, you might want to introduce some scented objects into your office space. Stimulating your sense of smell at work can help you stay focused and relaxed while you work on big projects. In addition, different scents can improve certain aspects of your mood, so try to bring something like a scented candle into the office.

There are many different kinds of scented candles on the market, so try to find one that smells nice to you. If you are worried about a potential fire hazard, many retailers sell flameless candles. If you share an office with other employees, make sure that they are not going to be bothered by the scents you introduce.

Stimulate Your Mind with Colors

Green Wall Calendar

Another great way to stimulate your mind at work is by decorating your office space with a certain color in mind. Specific colors can stimulate certain parts of your brain, which can help improve your mood if you feel like you are in a rut. For example, the color green can inspire feelings of relaxation, and yellow colors can inspire creativity.

When you go shopping for decorations, try to buy things that you think are visually interesting, and arrange them in a way that is pleasant to look at. If you can, try painting the walls of the office to complete the look. Try not go overboard with your decoration setup, because having too much color in the office can distract you and keep from doing your work.

Bring in Personal Decorations

Lastly, you should bring some decorations into the office that reflect your personal interests. Go out to the store and find decorations that suit your interests and bring them into the office. You could also bring in photos of your family and hang up on the wall near your desk.

Doing all of this will make you feel more at home at your workspace, which will put you in a better mood while you work. This will dramatically improve your productivity, and you will get a lot more work done as a result. Do not bring in too much stuff, however, because cluttering your desk with too many decorations can make it difficult to get work done.

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