Beat the Cold: Great Winter Activities in South Plainfield, NJ

Having Fun in Winter

Winter can seem like such a dreary time of year. Many people do not like the cold, and as a result they dread having to go outside. If you feel like you are getting bored during the winter, you should try doing something with your friends to entertain yourself until it gets warmer. Do not let the cold of winter get you down; try these fun winter activities to keep active until the spring comes around.

Ice Skating

Skating on Lake

Ice skating is one of the most popular activities during the winter season. If you are looking for a place to go skating, the Roosevelt Park Family Ice Rink in Middlesex County is an excellent choice. Located at Roosevelt Park, this ice rink remains open through the end of March. You can rent your own skating gear if you do not have your own, and private lessons are available as well.

Another local skating destination is the Old Bridge Sports Arena, which also remains open until the end of March.

Places to Ski or Sled

Skiing Down Hill

Many people like to ski and sled during the winter, and there are many destinations for these activities near South Plainfield. One popular area for cross country skiing is the Farm Road Trail located at Davidson’s Mill Pond Park. You can also ski along of the meadows found at the Heathcote Meadows Preserve if you wish.

For those of you who like sledding, there are plenty of places to look into. The hill at Donaldson Park and the sledding hill at Thompson Park are great options if you are looking for a fun sledding excursion. Take your friends or family members out for a day in the snow before it melts away.

Bird Watching

Bird in Winter Tree

For those of you looking to do something that is on the easier side, you might want to try your hand at bird watching. There are certain types of birds that only come out during the winter, and there are plenty of great places to find them around Middlesex County. The Farrington Lake Trail at Davidson’s Mill Pond follows along the Farrington Lake, and is a great spot to find waterfowl that only come out during the winter. It is also a great hiking trail, so you can get a workout while you keep an eye out for the birds.

Stay Warm With Indoor Activities

Thomas Edison Center
Source: Yelp

While there are plenty of fun things to do outside, not everyone wants to venture out into the brisk winter weather. For those of you who fall into this category, there are plenty of activities you can take part in if you would rather stay warm. If you enjoy learning about history, consider visiting the Thomas Edison Center in Edison and learn about Edison’s contributions. If you would rather stay at home, invite your friends over and catch up on some shows or movies that you have not watched yet. You might also want to try some personal cooking at home, since the usage of appliances will help keep the house warm.

Have some fun this winter, and stay safe!