How To Best Monetize Your Brand With Promo Products

Brand Monetization and Recognition Through Promo Products

Last year, we reviewed the Top Promo Products of 2021. Having a recognizable brand is an asset to every company, and when it comes to promoting your brand efficiently, some tried and true measures will ensure profitability. But we must also all think “outside the box” in terms of brand recognition. Having things that complement daily life is paramount when creating branded items for your company.  


Certain things are tried and true: they have always worked in the past and continue to work now. Pens, bags, tee shirts, etc., are all strong contenders for these kinds of promotional products. Let’s review some ways to get “outside the box” when it comes to giving out those tried-and-true items.  


Branded Pens
Branded Pens
Different Colored Branded Pens

In regards to advertising, it can be as simple as having pens at every conference, meet up, reception area, employee’s desk, etc. While we sign things more often with our fingertips now than with pens, they are still a great way to get your business name out there. 

Looking for an “outside the box” way to get your brand in someone’s brain? Drop off a box at a local restaurant once a month and ask them to distribute them to their servers and bartenders. If there’s one thing restaurants always need, but seem to run through quickly, it’s pens! If you want to go a step further, have your next company lunch there or host your company end-of-year party there. Loyalty breeds loyalty.  

Apparel and Bags 

Tote Bag
Collection of Tote Bags

Whether you’re heading on vacation, going to the gym, or visiting your local farmers’ market, you will see innumerable people wearing or carrying branded items, whether they be hats, tote bags, tee shirts, etc. Whether it’s specific to the person wearing or carrying it, or the place you are visiting, branded apparel is an easy way to keep your company in someone’s mind – especially if you’ve got an interesting logo! 

An “outside the box” approach would be to sponsor a local team, be it a recreational kid’s softball team or an adult’s intramural basketball team. Having your logo on their uniform will allow for repeated recognition. You could also partner with a local market to distribute your branded reusable tote bags upon checkout. This is both economically advantageous and environmentally friendly.  

Our Everyday Uses 

By branding certain things we use every day, you are ensuring not only brand recognition, but also company loyalty. Think of the things we use every day: keys, cell phones, lip balms, water bottles, laptops, etc. Every time a customer charges their phone, they could be seeing your brand on a wireless phone charging pad.  

Phone Accessories 

Grip for phones
Earbud case
Phone Accessories

Phone chargers are a great way to bring about brand recognition. But don’t forget phone cases! Having a well-made phone case is a must these days. We are on our cell phones for hours at a time, whether playing games, doing work, texting, talking on the phone, etc. And we drop those phones! Whether we like to admit it or not, our phones take a beating. A well-made and even waterproof case is a great “outside the box” way to ensure your brand gets out there in a strong and positive way.  

We all use headphones for everyday life now. Whether to listen to music during a run, a podcast while you commute on a train or subway, or to call into meetings, headphones are a lifeline for many. Having a pair of branded headphones or ear buds available for your staff and customers is a great way to show your appreciation of their loyalty and an understanding of their everyday lives.  

Water Bottles 

Water bottles
Colored water bottles
Bottle and case

Healthline recommends that we should be drinking approximately 120 ounces of water per day, depending on certain factors. Oftentimes, the easiest way to do this is by carrying and drinking from a reusable water bottle. What better way to keep your brand in someone’s mind that to have them drinking from it every hour or so? While this may not be “outside the box”, it is a great way to keep your employees and customers healthy while getting your brand out there.  


Keychain bottle openers


Have you ever been at a weekend barbecue, and no one has a beer bottle opener? That’s the perfect moment for you to take out your keys and use a branded bottle opener keychain! Your ingenuity will have saved the party and allowed for countless people to set eyes upon the brand.  

Keychains can also help us now that people are returning to the office. If a company uses a swipe card to enter their workplace or building, having branded retractable keychains available will ensure that people are using your branded item every day. Not only that but being able to personalize those keychains will ensure that if, for some reason, a keychain gets misplaced, it can be easily returned to its owner.  

Conferences, Trade Shows, and Expositions 

Want to make sure your brand can be seen across the room at your next event? Get a durable, recognizable banner. You can guarantee that you will have enough promotional products to give away at your next event by ordering now. If you are well-prepared, there’s nothing that can stop you from great profitability and growth.