Office Relocation Checklist: Tips for a Smoother Office Move

Moving into a new office space is a challenging endeavor that requires hard work, good planning, and a lot of time. Organizing a move is a team effort, and everyone you work with needs to contribute to make sure everything goes smoothly. If you want to have a hassle-free move you need plan things out ahead of time so everything will be ready to go before the move takes place. If you are moving into a new office in the near future, use the following tips to ensure that your move will go as smoothly as possible.

Planning a Stress-Free Office Move

6 Months Before the Move

Company Planner

  • Determine a good timeframe for your move. Select a day for your move so you can plan out the tasks that need to be done before move-in day.
  • Create a planning calendar so you can keep track of when certain tasks need to be completed. Split up the work by assigning your team members different tasks.
  • Visit the new location ahead of time. Take measurements so you can get an idea of how to set everything up in your new office.
  • Go through your current inventory. See what items you want to take with you, and determine if there are any items you should sell off.
    • Make note of any items that are in poor condition, because you would be better off replacing them.
  • Set your initial budget so you know how much you are spending. Try to aim for a lower cost at the start, because you may need to spend more money if something comes up later down the road.

3 Months Before the Move

Building Layout

  • Do thorough research of local moving companies if you are looking for help with the move.
  • Start to design a floor plan for your new office space. Formulate a detailed plan so you know where everything needs to go on move-in day.
  • Consider hiring an interior designer if you need help with setting up your new office space.
  • Be sure to notify all of your vendors about your upcoming move. Depending on where you move to you may need to change service providers, so make sure you research this ahead of time.
  • Notify your local post office so the staff there are aware that you will have a new address in the coming months.
  • Start meeting with other staff members to make sure that everything is still on schedule.

1-2 Months Before the Move

Gray Office

  • Start tagging and labelling all the furniture and supplies that you are planning to bring to your new office.
  • This is a good time to let your customers and clients know about your move. Start identifying new contacts you want to meet with near your new location.
  • Set aside some time to update the address on your company’s website. Remind employees to update their email signatures as well.
  • Send out your new address to any companies who regularly send mail to your office. Order new stationary and business cards that reflect your new business location.
  • If you are planning to work with a moving company, make sure you have found one to work with by this point.
  • If you are concerned for the safety of certain delicate objects, look into getting moving insurance before the move.

1-2 Weeks Before the Move

Cardboard Box

  • Make one final visit to your new office space to make sure that everything is ready to go for move-in day.
  • Call the moving company to confirm the pickup time on move-in day.
  • Remember to order keys for all your employees so they can easily get into the new building. When you get them, distribute them before you move out so you do not have to worry about losing them.
  • Have your employees clean out their old desks, and have them get rid of anything they do not need.
  • Start packing up everything that you are moving to the new office. Start disconnecting large electronic devices and prepare them for the move.
  • Back up your company’s most important information. Store online data in the cloud, and make copies of any crucial documents you do not want to lose.
  • Notify your phone, gas, and internet companies to let them know that you will be moving to the new location soon. You may need to set up an appointment with your providers so you can ensure that everything is ready to go.

Move-In Day

Shipping Truck

  • Assign certain employees as coordinators on move-in day. Tell employees who aren’t coordinating that they should not be at the old office. This helps to avoid delays and potential injuries.
  • Meet with the moving company and supply them with information about how to deal with certain items and appliances.
  • After you move everything out, go through your old space one last time to make sure that you did not leave something behind.
  • Make sure all the phones and computers operate properly after the move is done.
  • Give your customers and clients a final notice that the move is taking place. Consider sharing photos of the new location once the move is finished.

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