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3 Reasons Why Buying Local Office Supplies & Furniture Is Awesome

With so many office product and office furniture businesses out there touting their superiority, it can be hard to choose where you buy from. We’re here to tell you that buying local is always the best way to go for office needs. In a nutshell, you spend less, have way better service and the convenience just can’t be beat. 

1. Competitive Pricing & Local Shipping Costs

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We know what you’re thinking: competitive pricing? Everyone says that. Well, we do! And what makes your cost even lower is the fact that we’re local. Why? It costs less to ship everything. Gas, driver salary, insurance, vehicle maintenance—all of these things add up, and you pay for it. If a driver doesn’t have to travel far, these costs stay down. 

For example: 


Office Supplies – $100

Shipping – $7

Out of State

Office Supplies – $100

Shipping – $17

That extra $10 add up! And if you’re talking about furniture? Oi. That’s a big bill for a whole lotta nothing on your part. But more on that later.

You know what else is great about local shipping? Sustainability. Here at CMF we always advocate for the most sustainable methods in our work. Basic science says that if a vehicle is driven shorter distances it emits less greenhouse gases.  

Conclusion: Buying local saves you money and helps save the planet. That sounds like an all-around win to us. 

2. Unmatched In-Person Office Interior Services 

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Think about it: If you buy office furniture from a company out in California, do you think they’ll install it for you? Not a chance! All you’re going to get is a giant heavy package left on the doorstep of your office building. (That, and an exorbitant shipping charge to lug that new desk out to NJ.)  

But it’s a whole other ballgame if you buy that same desk from a local NJ business. In fact, you get more perks than just installation… 

Office Furniture Delivery & Installation 

Whether you purchase your office furniture online or hand pick it in our awesome warehouse, we’ll deliver it on the double and install it for you! We have an entire team dedicated to providing you with this white glove service. From ergonomic task chairs to entire cubicle systems, just tell us where you want it, and we’ll take care of the rest. Not even Amazon will do that! 

Redoing your office or having new furniture installed during Covid-19? We’ll deliver & install contact-free with all the same great service!

Office Interior Design 

Times are a changing—so it just might be time to give your office that overdue face-lift. We get it— interior design can be difficult, but that’s why you’re in your industry and not interior design.  

Fortunately, CMF is! We have a team of designers who specialize in  workplace transformations. Since we’re local, this team will come to your office, get a feel for the space, and discuss your needs and vision. Once you choose your furniture, you’ll get that white glove delivery and installation we talked about before. 

CAD Space Planning 

This is one of our personal favorites because it’s just so cool.  

When you come to us and say, “Hey, CMF, I just gotta get rid of these old cubicles. I need a new layout with contemporary furniture that’ll maximize space and my employee engagement,” we’ll say, “No problem! Our CAD program is up to the task!”  

What’s CAD and how does it work, you ask? 

CAD stands for “Computer Aided Design.” This is how it works: we come to your NJ or NY office, take accurate measurements of your workplace and then the software recreates it exactly.  

This program is synced with all the furniture in our inventory. Like a game of Tetris, we can arrange and rearrange furniture in the virtual office to optimize the space and fit it all perfectly. This design is 100% accurate to how the furniture will fit and look in your office.  

Once the CAD layout meets your approval, our team comes in armed with your new office furniture and the design in hand. With this exact guide, installation is faster and more efficient than you’d ever think possible!  

3. An Expansive Inventory Warehouse

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This is a big one, and we’re super proud of it! Our warehouse isn’t just a place where we store furniture you buy online and then ship out. Fellow locals are more than welcome to come and peruse through it. This way, you can see and touch your options, allowing you to make a truly confident purchase and envision the pieces in your space. Just tell us, “I want this, that, and those,” and we’ll handle the rest—delivery, installation and all. 

Final takeaway: Buying local is pretty a pretty awesome thing to do!  

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