The Top 5 Products For The Best Home Teleconferencing Set Up

With the Covid pandemic, businesses had to adapt to work entirely remote. The fact is that this routine will remain the norm for workers in NJ & NY for some time. Those who originally had a temporary setup now have to strategize for the long haul. While a basic computer might be enough for some, others will need a much better setup to continue teleconferencing with their coworkers efficiently.  

Whether it’s Zoom or, you might not be able to choose the teleconferencing platform your company uses— but you can get a few things that will make a big difference in your experience! 

These are the top 5 products that will help you to have the best sound, video, and meeting organization right in your home: 

1. Wireless High-Quality Sound


Say goodbye to cutting out sound, cramped necks and being tied to your desk. Whether it’s an important sales call or a run-of-the-mill status meeting, give yourself the freedom to move around while you talk with a wireless headset. It’s the freedom you never knew you were missing!

2. A Conference In Your Pocket

portable conference phone

Remote working doesn’t always mean from the home. It can be anywhere in the world! The portable Conference Mate is your new audio solution. You can have perfect conference audio with full duplex, so everyone can speak and hear one another at the same time. It also features noise cancelling and echo suppression for the best remote teleconferencing experience possible.  

3. Picture Perfect Web Camera 


What’s better than a webcam? One specifically designed for teleconferencing! Remote operated, this little camera delivers business-grade video conferencing. You can use it individually or with a small group for fantastic results. Best of all, it required no software to install it. Simply plug it into your PC or Mac computer and you’re good to go! 

4. The Board of Brainstorming

white board

A whiteboard is an excellent tool for remote workers. During your videoconference, use it to keep track of ideas in brainstorming sessions and the status of goals. With this visual record of company proceedings at your disposal, you can stay organized and keep the momentum going.  

5. Noted. Scheduled. Organized.

day planner

Even in this modern age of technology, there’s something about a planner that just makes sense to many workers. This calendar at the tip of your fingers is designed to help facilitate and manage busy schedules. Which day is better to have a teleconference? Just check your noted deadlines and prior appointments!  

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