Best of the Best: The Top Office Products for 2019

Great New Products for 2019

2019 is underway, and with each passing year advances in technology lead to the creation of brand new office supplies. Each year new tools are developed to make life easier for the hundreds of office workers across the country. If you are looking for something new to help you at work, we have plenty of helpful items in stock.

Here are just a few of our standout office products for 2019.

WorkFit TL Desktop Sit-Stand Workstation

WorkFit Standing Workstation

The WorkFit Desktop Sit-Stand Workstation is an effective workspace solution that can help you improve your health while you work. This easy-to-install solution is designed to convert most existing office spaces into sit-stand workstations without the need for expensive installers. The station offers fifteen inches of vertical adjustment, and with the hand brake levers you can instantly configure the desk to standing or sitting heights.

This model comes with a larger keyboard tray than previous versions, so it is an effective solution if you need to store a lot on your desk. This workstation also works well with corner desk configurations.

Sharpie Extreme Marker

Sharpie Extreme Marker

If you are in the market for quality markers that you can use in and out of the office, the Extreme Markers from Sharpie are your best bet. Available in a wide selection of colors, the Extreme Markers are great for writing notes on the white board at your office.

In addition, these markers are also great for use outside the work environment. The fine tips of these markers stand up to plastic, wood, glass, and various other surfaces, so they can be used in several environments outside of the office. The ink also resists wet and dry conditions, so you do not have to worry about the sun’s rays drying up the ink.

Post-It Extreme Notes

Post-It Extreme Notes

Post-it notes are always going to be hot office supplies, since they can serve as helpful reminders during busy work periods. These Post-It Extreme Notes stick to any textured surface, and will remain in place through tough conditions. This is thanks in part to the strong paper and adhesive the product is made with.

Stick these notes around your desk so you can remind yourself of upcoming calls, meetings and deadlines that you cannot afford to miss. These notes are water-resistant, and continue to stick even in hot and cold environments.

MK320 Wireless Desktop Set

Wireless Desktop Set

If you are in the market for an advanced keyboard set, the MK320 Wireless Desktop Set may be for you. Thanks to the keyboard’s whisper-quiet keys you can work on projects and send messages without disturbing anyone else in the room. The set also comes with a portable mouse that you can use anytime and anywhere.

Simply plug the USB receiver and you will be able to use your new keyboard and mouse right away. The keyboard itself also features eleven multimedia hotkeys you can use to launch specific websites in seconds.

Mesh Pencil Cup Organizer

Pencil Cup Organizer

It is important to keep your office supplies organized so your desk does not become a cluttered mess. With this pencil cup organizer you can store your pencils, pens, notepads, and other items so they are easy to keep track of. The organizer comes with multiple compartments, including a small drawer, so it is easy to know where everything is at any given moment.

Adding to this, its contemporary design meshes well with the aesthetics of modern office environments.

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