Why You Should Get a Custom Self-Inking Stamp for Your Business

Make Your Mark

Custom stamps are among the best tools you can use in the modern office. Not only do they speed up the shipping process thanks to their ease of use, you can add your company logo to them and make any letters or packages you send look more professional. On top of this, there are other alternative uses for custom stamps that can benefit you in unique ways. If you are interested, take some time to read about why you should pick up a custom stamp for yourself.

Lots of Custom Options Available

Custom Self-Inking Stamp

One of the best things about custom stamps is that there are many different ways to customize them. Not only can you adjust the size and shape of your stamp, you can change the font of the text to whatever you like. If you want, you can even include your company logo on the stamp to give it a more professional vibe.

There are plenty more options available, so you have the freedom to customize your stamp however you wish. This allows you to send your own personal message when you mail packages and letters, which is something you cannot do with more basic stamps. Whether you are shipping products to customers or stamping envelopes, a unique stamp design can help your company stand out among competitors.

Build Your Brand With a Professional Mark

Delivering Letter

Another benefit to having a custom stamp is that it can help you build recognition for your brand. As mentioned above, you can set up your stamp to include your company logo so you can print the logo onto letters you are mailing out. Not only does this make your letters look more professional, it also serves as an excellent way to promote your business.

First impressions are important, and putting a stamp with an eye-catching company logo on your shipments can make a strong impression on first-time buyers. People remember this kind of stuff, and if they need to buy something else they may be inclined to shop from you again. When people remember your brand, they might recommend you to their friends as well, and this can help your business grow.

They Are Quicker & Cleaner to Use


Self-inking stamps are helpful little tools, since they are more efficient to utilize than traditional stamps. Self-inked stamps have the ink built-in, so you can use them right away without the need for an extra ink pad. When you have to mail dozens of letters and packages in a single day, self-inking stamps can save you a lot of time.

Since these stamps do not require an additional pad, they are a lot less messy as well. Also, these stamps are designed to distribute ink evenly, so you will not have to worry about smears on any of the documents or packages you are stamping. If you want to make your job a lot easier, you cannot go wrong with self-inking stamps.

Alternative Uses

Wedding Letters

On top of everything already mentioned, custom stamps have some interesting uses if you want a personal one for home. A custom stamp design can be great for stationary, due in part to the professional vibes one can give off. Try using one to design any invitations you send out for weddings or any events your business is hosting.

You can even use these stamps to decorate small trinkets that you keep around the house or on your work desk. Custom self-inking stamps are quite flexible, so you can get a lot of mileage out of them. From ClassiX to Xstamper, there are plenty of quality stamp brands to keep an eye out for.

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