Behind the Post-it Note

From the quirky creations one can find on Pinterest to the everyday abilities around the office, the uses for Post-it Notes are endless. On accident, Dr. Spencer Silver developed a repositionable adhesive, but the 3M scientist didn’t know what to do with his discovery, and as a result, the Post-It Note was created. Above the accessibility factor, Post-it holds a psychological trademark as well. With the original calming yet attentive yellow, Post-it gives off a sense of relief and is predisposed notion of a ‘light bulb going off in your head.’

The Post-it brand, a trademark of 3M, satisfies users wants and needs. Now multiple colors and various forms of usability, such as page tags and personal sized notepads, are available for use. Over time, the popularity and convenience factors have skyrocketed. Post-it takes pride in their welcoming atmosphere and never fails to maintain their reliable reputation. Sticky notes allow partakers to communicate, plan out thoughts, and collaborate more efficiently.

Uses of Post-it Notes

Post-it from 3M offers innovative ways to connect, create, and communicate.

  • Bookmark- Using a sticky note, as a bookmark is so simple yet easily overlooked. This handy tactic can help save pages and also note any important content within the text. Another plus to using Post-it products is that they leave no residue behind, leaving books and notepads undamaged.
  • To-Do List/Reminders- This helpful use is one of the most common. Post-it’s accessible sizes offer the opportunity for users to have convenience at their fingertips. Whether using the classic 4×4 or the innovative and compact 2×2, leaving yourself reminders is now quick and easy.
  • Office life- From a professional standpoint, Post-it allows you to create eye-catching presentations and introduces a new way to organize around the office.
  • No tape? No problem- With Post-it adhesive backing, it eliminates the struggle to hunt down a roll of tape. You can experience the best of both worlds by being able to reduce the need for tape and still be able to depend on your note to stick to any surface.
  • Creativity- There are more ways than you can count on how to pass time. Post-its offer the opportunity to embrace your inner artist. Learn origami, make a flip book, or just simply decorate your walls in your off hours. The possibilities are endless.

Among the various uses, Post-its can act as a powerful tool in other ways. Benefits include their quick, concise, and compact size. In a short amount of time and no hassle involved, one can easily jot down a thought or note by keeping Post-its handy. Their visibility and adaptability don’t go unnoticed as well. Post-its stick to just about any surface- windows, desks, notebooks- and the array of vibrant color choices help tackle just about any collaboration.

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