Time to Stop Hibernating and Start Spring Cleaning

Give Your Workspace a Proper Cleanup

Spring has finally arrived, which means there is no better time to get some cleaning done at the office. Thoroughly cleaning your office can be a little time consuming, but having a clean office space is very beneficial for your work ethic. Having a clean, organized workspace can help improve your productivity levels, which can help you get more work done. Continue reading to see how you can clean up your workspace and make it much more manageable.

Restock on Cleaning Supplies

Disinfecting Wipes

If you want to clean up your workspace, you need to make sure that you have the tools to do so. CMF Business Supplies offers a huge collection of janitorial supplies that you can use to keep your workspace tidy. Use the following recommendations so you can pick up the best products.

Pick up some disinfecting wipes so you can wipe off your desk and keep it germ-free. Make sure to pick up some trash bags, because you can use them if you want to toss out any items you do not want to keep around. You should also pick up a new mop head so you can keep the floors around the office clean. Finally, you should buy some hand soap so everyone in the office can properly wash their hands when they go to the bathroom.

Create a New Organization System

Filing Cabinet

Are you having trouble working because your desk is cluttered with documents and office supplies? If you are, you should spend some time working on a new organization system so you can easily keep track of your documents and tools. Organizing your work supplies will keep clutter off your desk, which will help you be more productive while you work.

Buy some new folders and give each of them labels so you can separate your documents by topic. You might want to consider purchasing your own filing cabinet so you can keep all your folders in a safe and easily accessible place. In terms of office supplies, there are many different desktop organizers available that can keep your tools organized. All of these items will help you stay on top of things at work.

Discard Old Documents

Filled Binder

Next, you should go through your collection of documents to see if there are any you do not need any more. While there are certain work documents that you need to hold onto, not every single one will have use in the future. It is important to have some extra space at your workplace, so it would be a good idea to go through your folders to see if there are any old papers you can get rid of.

If you have been holding onto any documents for over a year, there is a good chance that you do not need them anymore. Try asking your coworkers about certain documents so you can confirm whether or not you need to hold onto them. This will help you make sure that none of the documents you are tossing out are ones you need to keep around for important purposes.

Clean Up Your Desktop

Working on Laptop

Your workspace is not the only thing you should be cleaning up at this time of year. Your computer is probably filled to the brim with old assignments that are cluttering up your desktop. In addition, the inbox in your email account might be filled with emails from two years ago that you do not need to keep around. You should spend some time cleaning up your computer so you can have more space to work with in the future.

First, you should go through your folders and clear out any assignments you no longer need, because these are simply taking up space. Not only does this help make your desktop neater, but it also helps your computer perform better in the long-term. For any assignments you still need, organize them into folders so you can easily find them. Afterwards, go through your inbox and clear out any old messages that you do not need to keep around.

Wash Your Keyboard & Monitor

Wired Keyboard

In addition to cleaning up your desktop, it would be a good idea to give the computer and your keyboard a proper cleaning. Recent studies have shown that keyboards have more germs than toilets do, which is mainly the result of people using them every single day in the work week. Computers can get pretty dirty, which is why you should spend some time cleaning them up.

Before you attempt to clean your keyboard or monitor, make sure the computer itself is switched off so you do not run the risk of damaging it. Unplug your keyboard and bring it outside so you can shake it up to knock out any loose debris that might be between the keys. Afterwards, wet a towel with some cleaning solution and wipe it along the keys to clean off away any unpleasant substances. Do the same thing for your monitor as well, and you should have yourself a much cleaner work computer.

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