First Impressions Are Everything

While you might like to believe that your company culture and personality will be enough to bring in new clients, the harsh reality is that without an immediate good first impression clients and interviewees alike will be running for the door instead of looking for a reason to stay. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to make sure your office space creates that perfect look and feel that makes clients want to stay longer and do more business and will also make interviewees want to work for you. Read along for the top 4 ways CMF can help your business nail the first impression.

The Ambiance

Creating the perfect ambiance is not just for restaurants. The definition of the word is the atmosphere, mood, and character of a place. Is there a better word to keep in mind when designing your office space? We don’t think so! Choosing the perfect design aesthetic for your brand and office will carry you a long way when a potential new client comes to see what your business can offer. There are many ways to accomplish this.

The Décor

The right décor can be the difference between clients thinking you are innovative and progressive, or feeling like you are stuck in the past. Using bright vibrant paint colors on the walls sends a message of boldness and excitement. Lighter, crisp colors impart a feeling of calm and relaxation. Adding natural elements to your office space like plants, greenery, or even a fountain have been proven to evoke a positive mind set and peacefulness, which leads to higher levels of productivity. Do not be afraid to infuse some personality into the décor of your space!

The Lighting

Does your space have natural lighting? Highlight that. If you are new to an office space and are designing it from scratch, having a conference room with natural lighting is bright and inviting. If your office space is short on natural lighting that is ok! Invest in dimmers and good track lighting to give your employees and guests a well-lit space that is not just florescent lights.

Brand Visibility

Highlighting your company’s logo in the lobby is an opportunity to bring an appealing design element to your space. It also serves as a practical design tactic to immediately let a client, customer, or interviewee know exactly where they are.

2. Function

Now the ambiance is set. Another design element that will aid in making a good first impression is function. Imagine taking a potential client on a tour of your space. Do they see clean lines, clear desktops, and a proper place for everything? Or are they seeing cluttered spaces, little to no organization, and extension cords running along the floors? If your answer is the latter, that can turn the perfect interviewee away from your business or kill a sale. Investing time into your space to ensure your employees’ workspaces contain functionality and organization is another way to nail the first impression. CMF has many opportunities to aid you in making sure your office space is designed well to work for you and your employees.

3. A Little Hospitality Goes a Long Way

There is nothing quite like coming in from the cold to a nice cup of hot coffee or hot tea. Or a refreshing drink of icy water in those sizzling summer months. Providing your guests, whether it be a potential client or new employee, with a drink or a snack shows care and attention to detail, which fosters a feeling of warmth and care. CMF has all your coffee and beverage needs to help foster that warm feeling of hospitality to all your guests!

4. Keep it Clean

Last, but certainly not least, is cleanliness. In these times cleanliness is extremely high on the importance scale for people when coming to an office. It is important to never underestimate the power of a clean and tidy space. Remember the point on hospitality? Having hand sanitizer at your welcome desk or a clean kitchen area is an extension of showing good hospitality. CMF also has all the cleaning supplies you need to ensure your space is the cleanest it can be! We even offer green cleaning and office supplies.