Why You Should Consider Serving Coffee in the Office

Nothing can lift sagging spirits like the aromatic, flavorful boost provided by coffee. It’s no wonder office workers have been turning to it for many years as their break of choice. It helps them get through their shift alert and refreshed. When they get that pleasing pick-me-up in your breakroom instead of from a barista at the neighborhood coffee shop, it further increases their productivity and the feeling that their efforts are appreciated. Having the right office coffee service makes it easy for you to keep your employees perky, pleased, and productive. Our trusted brands and options are proven crowd pleasers for your employees.

Happy, Alert Workers Are More Productive

It Can Improve Employee Health

Employee enjoying a cup of coffee
The simplicity and low cost of providing quality hot beverages in the breakroom make it a perk for which the benefits far exceed the expense. Employees can be more focused and alert, while reaping the benefits of moderate caffeine use, including decreased risk of heart disease and dementia. The convenience of grabbing a cup without leaving the office makes break time more efficient.

CMF Supplies Brings the Coffee House to You

Flavor and quality make all the difference and our trusted brands will satisfy a variety of tastes. Freshness keeps that flavor rich and satisfying. The variety of flavors, including French Vanilla, Caramel Vanilla Cream and Extra Bold means there’s a satisfying choice for everyone in the crowd. Our service offers additional beverage options including tea and hot chocolate. We can also keep you sufficiently stocked in cups, lids, stirrers, creamer, sweeteners and other breakroom supply needs.

Featured Coffee Supplies

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