Choosing The Right Trash Can liners

How To Choose The Right Trash Can Liner

Workspaces are beginning to focus on more sustainable waste options. When it comes to disposing of trash, there are options that can improve sustainability, carbon footprint, and organization. When investing in waste options, the right trash liners can be a simple yet efficient tool. These factors can help you decide which liners are right for you and your business. 

Eco-Friendly Products  

Trash can liners

Eco-friendly products are a growing trend for businesses. CMF recommends choosing products that are renewable and recyclable. Going with an eco-friendly brand allows for a more sustainable workspace that benefits everyone going forward. CMF recommends the Earthsense brand of liners, as they are ideal for integrating recycled-based products into the workplace. 


Waste receptacle near building entrance

Durability is important when choosing the best waste options. Durable products allow you to organize and dispose of waste faster and cleaner. When selecting from trash can liners, it’s imperative to factor in which ones are leak resistant and easy to use.  Also, bulk-friendly products are recommended to manage heavy waste loads effectively.  


Glad ForceFlex Plus

Having waste objects that can withstand multiple uses is an asset. The right liners can take on heavy waste loads and are fit for any situation. When choosing for quality liners, those that are equipped for large- and small-scale items can come in handy for waste organization. Opting for a versatile product allows you to cover all bases.  

High-Density or Low-Density 

High-Density or Low-Density liners can make an impact depending on your business needs. For workplaces with heavier waste loads, Low-Density liners are fit for heavy trash and utilized in breakroom, facilities, and janitorial settings. High-Density can be ideal for lightweight trash and, based on the needs of your business, determining which one is most effective for you.

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