The Best Paper Shredders For Your Office

What To Consider When Buying Paper Shredders

When buying anything, we compare. We look at what one piece of technology can do and put it side-by-side with another similar piece of technology. We want to see which best suits our needs. Buying office supplies is no different. What do we need to consider when purchasing a new paper shredder? There are 4 main things to consider when looking to purchase a new paper shredder: 

  • Paper Size 
  • Load Size 
  • Speed 
  • Noise Levels 

Paper Size 

Most offices use standard letter-sized and legal-sized paper, and most shredders are built specifically for those sizes. However, there may be some paper that is not the standard size and these will likely be more private documents like pay slips and tax information. Putting one or two together through the shredder will be no problem but it becomes a bit more tedious when there are 20 or more pieces together that you’d like to shred expeditiously. Be sure you know what your output will be before purchasing something that may not work for your office.  


Load Size

FEL4656201 Fellowes Shredder

Going along with paper size, you must also consider load size. If you’re destroying reams of paper per day, you will need something equal to the task. Are you destroying discs or credit cards? Consider purchasing a shredder that can handle more than you anticipate needing. Better to be safe than sorry. This Fellowes AutoMax 200M Auto Feed Micro-Cut Shredder can take up to 200 sheets on automatic! 


Speed is something that will go hand in hand with load size. Most shredders can only run for a certain amount of time before they overheat, so they will need time to cool down. After all, we don’t want heat levels rising too high when paper is involved. Make sure you learn what the runtime is for your shredder, before purchasing, as they are meant to save you time in the long run. Most shredders have a run time of several minutes to an hour before needing to shut down to maintain optimal operational conditions.  

Noise Levels 

HSM1042W HSM Shredder

This is something that, again, will matter more if you’re shredding reams of paper at a time. If you’re only shredding around 20 pages per day, noise shouldn’t be too much of a problem. However, we know that loud noises can be disruptive to workplace productivity. If your shredder will be in a room away from employees, noise should not be a big problem or consideration. But if it is going to be a nuisance or distraction, consider looking into quiet shredders. This HSM shredstar S10 Strip-Cut Shredder operates at a whisper-like noise level while in use. 


When you’ve finished your research on shredders, don’t forget to pick up the right accessories. You’ll need the correct waste bags for the shredded items and a lubricating oil to ensure optimal performance. How much paper do you waste? Ensuring correct disposal of your shredded items is not only environmentally sound but also can save you money.