Giving Away Promotional Products: What Are The Best Methods Available?

Getting Your Promotional Office Products Out & Into The World

Giving away branded products is an excellent way to promote your business to lots of different people. However, selecting the right products to give away is only one part of the process. You also need to figure out a distribution method so you can get these items out to the public. 

To help you, we’ve highlighted some of the best methods for distributing promotional products. Use them so your products reach out to a wide audience!  

Give Them Away at Trade Shows & Events

Group of Business Workers Talking at a Business/Networking Event

A common tactic for distributing promotional items is handing them out at trade shows and local events. Hundreds, if not thousands, of attendees come in and out of these events, so there is a wide audience you can reach out to. The challenge is figuring out how to make your booth stand out among the other companies that are attending. 

Therefore you want to focus on handing out items with a lot of practical value. Tote bags are especially popular at events like these, since people can use them to carry any other freebies they get. Bottles are great too, since people might get thirsty from walking around all day.

Offer Them as Prizes in Contests & Giveaways

Giving away promotional items as part of a contest or giveaway is another smart idea. Contests are great for attracting new customers, since people love the chance to win free stuff. By applying your logo to the prizes, you’ll be able to keep the promotion going long after the contest concludes. 

Make sure you offer prizes to the runners-up as well. That way, you can get a good number promo items into the wild.

Bundle Them With Product Launches

Are you planning to launch a new product soon? Including promotional items with early orders can do wonders for promoting your business. This adds more value to the orders, and makes a good impression on people who work with you for the first time. 

Once people start talking showing off the product, there’s a good chance they’ll show off the promo item too. Anyone they show it to will know exactly where it came from, creating impressions for your business! 

Gift Them to Loyal Clients

Wrapped Boxes, With a Tag Saying “Just for You”

Another good tactic at your disposal is offering promo items to your most loyal clients. The next time you send something to a client, you should think about packing a promo item as an extra. Since these people already enjoy working with you, there’s a good chance they will show the item off to their friends. 

The best thing about this method is that the promo items do more than promote your business. Giving them away lets you show your appreciation to longtime customers, which will entice them to keep working with you. They might recommend you to their friends and family as a result, even if they don’t have the promo item on hand. 

Send Them Off With Employees

Six Women Having a Meeting in an Enclosed Space

Giving promotional items to employees is a tactic that’s often overlooked, but it’s actually quite effective. Giving your employees things they can use in their daily lives is an excellent way to raise morale. For example, office workers would make great use out of branded USB flash drives or stress balls. 

Hand out these items to show your appreciation for your employees, and they’ll end up working a lot harder. Of course, as they use these products outside the office they’ll promote your business to countless people. Everyone benefits when you use this strategy!  

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