Remember to Grab These Often Forgotten Janitorial Supplies for Work

Don’t Forget These Cleaning Supplies

Disinfecting wipes, trash bags, and tissues are janitorial supplies that everyone knows to have in the office. However, there are a few helpful products that companies neglect to buy. From air purifiers to canned air, along with other items like floor mats, there other essential supplies you should keep around the office.

Next time you have to order janitorial supplies for the office, be sure to pick up these items if you don’t have them.

Compressed Air / Canned Air

Compressed air dusters are vital tools for office workers that rely on computers. Dust can gather up on keyboards and laptops easily, and if the dust isn’t cleaned the hardware can get damaged. You can use a compressed air duster to clear out the dust and extend the life of your hardware.

Our air dusters also come with extension tubes, allowing you to clean hard-to-reach places. They are also effective for clearing dust off window blinds, lamp shades, and other pieces of office furniture. If you don’t have canned air in the office now, you should consider picking up a few cans.

two cans of compressed air

Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are effective antibacterial tools for any office environment. Germs and other airborne particles spread quickly, and can create health risks for your employees. With an air purifier, you can clean the air around the office and keep employees happy and healthy.

These devices can check the office’s air quality, and can change fan speeds automatically to improve air quality. They offer quiet operation, so they will not distract employees during workhours. Our AeraMax models come with a built-in Aera+™ Mode, a setting that is ideal for flu fighting during the flu season.

black AeraMax Air Purifier

Floor Cleaners (Carpet Spotters)

Whether you have a carpeted floor or a hardwood floor, you should always have some floor cleaning solutions in your office. Hardwood floor cleaners work on all wooden floors, and will clear away unwanted stains without leaving any marks. The solutions dries fast too, so you won’t have to worry about anyone slipping after it is applied.

For carpets, you should pick up a bottle of carpet spotter. When this solution is sprayed onto the carpet, it brings oil, grease, and other substances to the surface. Use it to deal with and powerful stains that you may have missed in the past.

With these cleaners, your office floors will keep looking professional.

White Bottle of Shout Carpet Spotter

Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats

Anti-fatigue mats are often neglected in offices, despite how helpful they are. Standing in one place for a long period can get uncomfortable, and could result in significant leg strain. Anti-fatigue mats are made from vinyl foam and other materials that offer support for the legs and feet.

By placing the mats in areas where people need to stand for long periods, you can improve health and safety conditions around the office. For example, if you have a customer service counter, you can place a mat in front of it for clients. You can also place them in front of the office’s printers, or in front of desks for employees that use sit-stand workstations.

Anti-fatigue mats can also be cut with scissors, so you can fit one into any size, without the need for a custom order.

Black Antifatigue Floor Mat

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