Eco-Friendly Services & Products That Benefit Your Business

As a business owner in New Jersey, we know we don’t have to tell you that we live in a beautiful state. To the east you have the vast Atlantic Ocean, while the Delaware River rambles through the west. Up north, mountains and hills roll, and down south dense forests of pine cover the landscape. We want to do our part to ensure that New Jersey stays beautiful. Our efforts go beyond the walls of our workplace, though. We’ve cultivated eco-friendly products and services that we wish to share with local businesses like yours.

In short, we’ve created a win-win situation: you get something great for your office and simultaneously help the environment.

Gear Up With Green, Eco-Friendly Supplies

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The simplest way you can help the environment without changing anything in your daily routine is to simply get eco-friendly products for your office. We carry an immense amount of supplies that are far better for the environment than traditional office supplies.

How are they eco-friendly, you ask? These products are either made from recycled components of older items, reducing the amount of waste in landfills, or they are made with designs that benefit the planet in other ways. Plus, if you want to take your responsible workplace purchases to the next level, we also have a great collection of recycled office furniture. And don’t forget the breakroom. The most waste in the office comes from paper, but the breakroom is creates the worst waste. We advocate for eco-friendly disposables to plastic across industries.

Check out the statistics and the best environmentally friendly alternatives here.

Get Green For The Breakroom

The breakroom is a big source of the waste your office produces each year. Every day, employees are tossing out hot cups, paper plates, cutlery…The problem is that these are usually made from plastic or unrecyclable plastic. After they’re used by your staff, they typically go to a landfill where they can sit for decades if not centuries. Using eco-friendly disposables is incredibly important to prevent this. It will also immediately help decrease your office’s carbon footprint. Your staff still eats well each day and the earth is a little healthier, too. That’s a win-win! 

We carry an array of breakroom eco-friendly products in our store. Just click “Yes” under the green filter to find the eco-friendly alternative to anything you need!  

So what’s the catch? There is none! We guarantee that the eco-friendly products you purchase for your workplace will meet all expectations—no sub-par quality here!

Ink & Toner Go The Extra Mile With Our Recycling Program

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When we ask our customers which office product(s) gives them the most hassle, they all have the same old answer: ink and toner. It’s always out of magenta (WHY?!). And THEN when all of it finally runs out, how do you throw these things away correctly?

Our recycling program makes discarding your used cartridges easy and it makes a helpful impact on the environment. Empty ink cartridges take a long time to decompose properly and on top of that, a lot of waste is produced when brand new cartridges are made from scratch. We’ll pick up your used cartridges and make sure they are recycled properly so they can be reused again and again. Easy.

Hydrate With Sustainable Filtered Water Coolers

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Keeping your employees hydrated is essential to their productivity and overall health. Few people realize that staying hydrated is only half the battle. The type of water you drink matters, too. Bottled water is convenient for a person on the go, but inside each container, there are microplastics floating around in the water. You can’t see them or taste them, but they’re there. Needless to say, drinking plastic, no matter how fine the particles are, is Bad. Plus, many people fail to recycle the bottles once they’re done. Double bad.

However, if your employees are drinking water from a filtered water cooler, then they have pure water they can trust each and every day. As a business owner, investing in a filtered water cooler one time eliminates the need to purchase water bottles in bulk every week. That’s a nature, time, and health saving investment.

Get the full details on Filtered vs Bottled Water

Strategic Delivery Routes Lower Our Carbon Footprint

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Cars and trucks are bad for the environment. That’s a commonly known fact. Here at CMF, we are known for our exceptionally reliable deliveries. What you probably didn’t know is that our drivers make strategic decisions in their routes to get to their destinations faster and omitting less pollution. You get your stuff faster and the air stays cleaner.

From the executive suite, to the driver seat, we are constantly making choices that benefit the environment and our customers.

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Are you ready to make easy eco-friendly buys for your workplace?