Do Some Printing With High Speed Multi-Purpose Copy Paper

Copy Paper for Home & the Office

Anyone who works in an office environment needs to have a steady supply of copy paper for the office printer. If you need to stock up, consider buying High Speed Multi-Purpose Copy Paper. This brand of paper can be used with several printer models, and has other uses besides printing documents. Keep reading to see what this multi-purpose copy paper can be used for.

Great for Several Types of Projects

High-Speed Copy Paper

While this copy paper can be used to simply print out documents at the office, it has several other functions. It is also ideal for different types of art projects, including posters, and dioramas. Therefore, if you are working on a personal project this paper will be an effective asset.

Looking to print flyers to promote your business or some other upcoming event? Flyers print well on this copy paper, so if you need to promote something in a short amount of time this product will be tremendously helpful.

The High Speed Copy Paper is also suitable for classrooms.

Compatible with Most Devices

The High Speed Multi-Purpose Copy Paper is designed for use with copiers, laser printers, and inkjet printers. Since this paper is compatible with most of the devices on the market, anyone should be able to utilize it.

This copy paper even works well with fax machines, so if you will not have any trouble if you still use one in your office. It is an effective tool for the office environment, and is available for a reasonable price.

Other Features

  • 1 package comes with 5000 sheets of paper
  • Distributed into 10 packs of 500 sheets
  • 8.5 x 11 inches in size
  • SFI Certified

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