Stocking the Breakroom: All the Supplies You Need to Have

Stocking the Breakroom: All the Supplies You Need to Have

What You Need for Your Breakroom

It is vital to have a fully stocked breakroom if you want to keep employees happy. The breakroom serves as a place where employees can chat, have a drink, or take a break from their busy work schedules. If your breakroom does not have all the right supplies, workers can become discontent, and may lose focus during work hours. Make sure you have all these breakroom supplies so you can keep workers pleased.

Coffee Maker, Brews, & Cups

VKI Eccellenza Touch Commercial Brewing System

The coffee maker is a mainstay in breakrooms across the country. Many workers are tired early in the morning, and need a fix of caffeine to get the energy they need to get going. By having a coffee maker right in the office workers can get that boost as soon as possible. Plus, workers will not be obligated to step outside for a coffee break. One excellent model you can shop for is the VKI Eccellenza Touch™ Commercial Brewing System (pictured above). This system can brew one of 60 different beverages in under a minute.

In addition to the coffee maker, you need to have enough supplies so everyone who needs a cup of coffee can get one. Everyone has their preferred tastes, so shop for different coffee blends so everyone has options to choose from. Lastly, make sure you have enough cups to go around, because there is no point in brewing coffee if you have nothing to drink out of.

Snacks & Drinks

Cookies & Crackers

Like with coffee, it is good to offer workers snacks and other beverages at the office so they do not feel the need to step out. Stock up on snack bars, peanuts, crackers, pretzels, and other snacks so workers have something to munch on during breaks. It would be wise to opt for healthier snacks like the ones previously mentioned, since they can give workers more efficient energy boosts. Through CMF’s office beverage service, you can get an assortment of drinks delivered right to your office. Options offered include soda, drink mixes, tea, juices, energy drinks, and more. By stocking up on these essentials you can keep your workers satisfied throughout the workday.

Cleaning Supplies

Mr. Clean Cleaning Solution

Besides food and drinks, you need to have a fair amount of cleaning and janitorial supplies so you can keep your breakroom clean. You need to keep every part of the office in order, especially when you have guests coming over. Remember, people are going to be eating a lot of food in here, so it will not take much for a typical breakroom to get messy.

Shop for dish detergent so you can keep dishware you keep in the breakroom clean. You should also get other cleaning solutions so you can clean off tables and any other flat surfaces, including the floor if you have a tiled breakroom. Finally, make sure you stock up on trash bags so you can easily clean out the trash from the breakroom.

Napkins, Plates, Utensils, & Other Supplies

Paper Plate title

To round off, here are some other breakroom supplies you should stock up on when you go shopping. Napkins and plastic utensils are important to have for workers who are going to be eating in the breakroom. You should also stock up on disposable paper plates, since they are cheaper to buy than traditional dishware. In addition, they do not have to be cleaned.

You might also want to consider buying food containers so people can take their food home with them. Finally, stock up on an assortment of condiments, including ketchup, mustard, and coffee condiments like sugar and cream. By stocking up on all of these items, you can run an efficient breakroom and make your employees happy.

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