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Stock The Breakroom With Healthy & Essential Beverages & Snacks

The breakroom isn’t just for breaks. It’s the place where your employees get the nutrients they need to increase productivity and brainpower. The snacks and drinks you provide your staff with can directly affect your staff’s health and their performance, so it’s important to choose right products.

We’ve done the research for you and curated some of our top products for each category to bring your breakroom its best snack and beverage collection yet.  

Water & Wellness1 

Staying hydrated is perhaps the most important thing for the human body. Yet, the average person drinks only 2.5 of the 10 recommended cups of water each day. This means that overwhelming amounts of people are dehydrated every day.  

Now you might be thinking, “I run a corporate office, not a gym. Why is this so important for the people here to be drinking water?”  

Studies show that when people are dehydrated they do not think clearly and make more mistakes. Dehydration also makes people sleepy. Do you want employees nodding off and making mistakes? We didn’t think so. By keeping your breakroom stocked with fresh water and electrolyte-enhanced drinks, you can encourage healthy and productive hydration.

Bottleless drinking water filtration systems offer an environmentally friendly, cost-effective and healthy source of purified water! See our guide that illustrates the differences between the two types.

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Coffee & Tea 

We all know that coffee is the caffeine choice of America, but what your employees probably didn’t know is that it can be good for them too! Not only does it boost energy levels, which boosts productivity levels, but it’s also jam packed with antioxidants and can even help you live longer! You can see the full list of coffee health benefits at 

Coffee might be an office staple, but employees looking to stay healthy in the office this year should consider incorporating tea into their diet as well. Each kind of tea has it’s own unique properties, many of which are considered medicinal, so be sure to stock up during Flu season2

  • Black tea packs a caffeine punch—Take a cue from the English and have this tea in the morning with milk and sugar (it’s delicious!) 
  • Peppermint can soothe upset stomachs, headaches and migraines—try this after a stressful meeting 
  • Rooibos helps improve blood circulation—great to help with a long day of sitting at a desk 
  • Green tea is high in flavonoids, which can boost heart health—try it with honey! 
  • White tea has incredible antioxidants and cancer fighting properties—white tea is unknown territory many, but it’s delicious and so good for you. Give it a go! 

* Make coffee even more convenient with our office coffee servicesingle serve coffee makers, and beverage service! 


Snacking can actually be good for the body because it provides sustenance throughout the day. The trick is to have smaller portions and better choices. For office workers, snacking in the afternoon can be the difference between writers block and incredible productivity. Having the right snacks in the breakroom will both give your staff a brain boost and better their health over all.

Rather than stocking your cabinets with chips and cookies that will only make employees feel sluggish in the long run, choose snacks that have higher grain and protein content: 

  • Oatmeal can be both a great breakfast and a nutritious snack. It’s packed with vitamins, protects the heart and is naturally gluten-free3
  • Granola is shown to reduce cholesterol, boost energy and helps increase brain activity4.  
  • Nuts are highly nutritious sources of proteins and good fats, as well as powerhouses of antioxidants5
  • Dark chocolate is the key satisfying employees’ sweet craving while giving them the best option for their health. It’s loaded with antioxidants, improves brain performance, and has anti-inflammatory effects6

Having healthy snacks and beverages in your breakroom is only half the battle. Your breakroom and facility need supplies to keep it a clean, tidy and healthy environment. Fortunately for businesses in NY & NJ, we carry it all!