The Best Brain Food To Have In The Breakroom

Stock Up on Brain Food for the Breakroom

It’s that time again…. it’s mid-day at the office, and everyone’s energy is dropping. Employees are reaching for their third or fourth coffee and a sugary muffin to get through the rest of the day. Unfortunately, this boost will only lead to another crash later in the afternoon. In order to avoid the crash, it’s important to have some energizing snacks in the office breakroom. They call it brain food for a reason, folks! Keep reading to find out what brain boosting snacks are trending in the break room office these days.

Don’t Skip Your Yolks

Six brown eggs in a catron

Eggs are a fantastic brain food and even better, they are very versatile. Eggs can be easily microwaved in a coffee mug or hard-boiled and stored in the fridge, so keeping eggs in the breakroom is a guaranteed way to ensure your employees never skip breakfast. Eggs can be cooked with various meats and vegetables or eaten plain; either way they are the perfect breakroom snack. This is a great brain-boosting strategy to keep your employees on their toes!

Tea For Two

A cup of tea on someone's desk next to a pair of glasses and a notebook

It’s a known fact that caffeine offers more energy and increases focus. In addition to offering coffee service, it is a great idea to keep green tea in the breakroom as it contains specific antioxidants that can add an extra boost. More great options include white tea, black tea and peppermint tea. Stock the coffee station with tea bags, or brew a pitcher of iced green tea for a refreshing afternoon treat and keep it cool in the fridge. You can even add a few orange slices for a burst of flavor!

Berry Good

Blueberries and Strawberries in a white ceramic bowl on a blue table

It’s no secret that fresh berries and fruits are an ideal healthy snack… but did you know they can increase energy and focus too? That’s right, fresh berries enhance your ability to memorize and learn. In the breakroom, keep a big bowl of fresh blueberries or make a fruit salad for snacking. You can even stash a bag of frozen berries in the freezer for yogurt toppings and smoothie add-ins.

H20 Is The Way To Go

Girl drinking water from a glass

Your office needs a filtered water cooler. The filtered water is better for you than tap or bottled water and naturally nourishes your mind and body. The perfect remedy for any stressful situation or ailment is a cold glass of water to clear your mind. A filtered water cooler is not only an added benefit to the workplace but it’s a necessity to have.

Nuts About Granola

Granola bars, nuts and oatmeal office snacks

Snacking is actually good for the body and the brain as it keeps your metabolism going throughout the day. Some great office snacks that boost energy and focus are oatmeal, granola, nuts and dark chocolate. Keep the breakroom stocked with these treats to keep your employees up-beat!

To maintain a constant level of energy and focus at work it’s important to have healthy snacks and beverages in the breakroom. Working isn’t always easy but staying healthy is…. and it makes for a more efficient work experience! From eggs to berries and filtered water, the perfect breakroom brain foods do exist!