Design A Productive Office With Our CAD Space Planning Service

Design Technology For Businesses Of The Future

Whether your office needs a makeover, or you are moving your business into a new place, CMF can help you maximize your office space to achieve the best work environment possible. We accomplish this flawlessly by using the modern technology known as CAD, ensuring your satisfaction before furniture is ever set in the office.

What Is CAD?

CAD stands for Computer-Aided Design, and it allows our trained designers to accurately furnish a new space you can explore in 3 dimensions before we move any physical objects. It is used in all areas of design, from cars to architecture to interior design. In fact Jamie Hyneman, Hollywood special effects expert and co-host of Discovery Channel’s MythBusters, advocates the use of CAD for designers to achieve precise results.

3D Rendering

How Our Designers Use CAD

When you schedule a CMF expert to come and survey your NJ office, you can expect satisfaction. We measure the dimensions of your entire office space, noting the placements of windows, doors and halls, as well as the number of employees and potential for future increase. Once we have acquired these numbers, we use CAD technology to create an exact layout of your floor plan and get to work.

Within our system we have the measurements of all of our office furniture and products, so we can easily arrange and swap pieces as needed with no time lost. During this process, our experts ensure that every piece is in its ideal position, creating optimal flow of traffic and space utilization. For example, we will never pull a Thomas Jefferson, designing a space to perfection only to realize that one big piece was not taken into account (his bed) and putting it somewhere irrational (the middle of an awkward room-hallway space) which is what can happen without proper planning. By combining this space optimization and functionality (ergonomic, multitasking, organization, etc…) of the furniture, we ensure you get the most productive, eco-friendly, and economic results.

Check out this video to get a visual understanding of the CAD for this process:

CAD: Our Artistic Tool

Our designers are trained professionals and artists, meaning they are not playing video games with your NJ office space without any regard to your work culture. We understand that the aesthetic of a financial firm is going to be different from a company specializing in HR or media, and take into account the character of your work culture. This means that we don’t use a cookie-cutter technique, but instead design for the vision of your business.


Installation Made Easy With CAD

At CMF we do our best to have a 48-hour turn around, so no time is wasted from the initial measurements to the final review. Once the design plan is approved, our installers have your unique 3-D layout in the palm of their hands, so furniture is moved quickly and efficiently without mistakes. Companies know they can rely on our white glove installation service because of our people actually care about your things.

See how CMF can change your office space for the better.

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