Benefits of Shopping From CMF vs. Amazon

Benefits of Shopping from CMF vs. Amazon

Why You Should Shop from CMF

While it can be convenient to shop from a large online store like Amazon, there are a few drawbacks. For example, the process of shopping is not as personal as some would like it to be. When you shop from CMF on the other hand, you can get a personalized shopping experience that will save you a few more bucks. Take a few minutes and see how you can benefit by shopping from CMF instead of a major website like Amazon.

You Support Your Local Economy

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If you are within our local area you can play a part in helping our economy grow by shopping from us. When you buy something from Amazon, all the money you spend goes toward the company’s growth. However, shopping locally from CMF helps to circulate money in our local community.

Money you spend at CMF stays in our local area, and will be circulated back into other businesses close to us. To cut a long story short, this helps keep our economy strong, and our community will have a chance to grow. If you want to help a small community grow, consider shopping from a local seller instead of a major company.

Getting a More Personal Experience

While the online shopping experience on Amazon is quite convenient, it is not very personal. Typically, you have to buy products at the price they are at, and sometimes it can take a while to get ahold of help, since so many people shop on the site. Amazon is a major corporation that serves across the entire planet, so it is nearly impossible for it to address the needs of every single shopper.

When you shop from CMF on the other hand, you are guaranteed to have a more personal shopping experience. With the help of our personalized customer service team, you can get everything you need with no hassles. Our members will directly help you with any issues you have, and will help you stay on budget if you cannot spend a lot of money at once. We can also help you streamline your procurement process as well.

Reliable Delivery Drivers

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While Amazon has a strong delivery service, it is not always perfect. If you are not part of the Amazon Prime service, it can sometimes take a while for your products to arrive. Some people may not think this will be a worthy investment if they do not shop often, and if they need an item to arrive quickly then this can pose a problem.

This is will not be a problem if you shop from CMF. Our reliable delivery drivers run a consistent schedule, so you can expect your items to arrive in an orderly fashion. If you need something to arrive promptly, our drivers will not disappoint you.

Save on Bulkier Items

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In addition, CMF shoppers can get savings on bulky items or any other orders that are larger than normal. On Amazon, oversized products do not fall into the 2-day free shipping deal from Amazon Prime, so they can be especially costly.

At CMF, when you buy large products you can get savings on your order when something is larger than normal. Therefore, you do not have to worry about overspending when you are shopping for furniture and other oversized products from our store.

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