The Best Brews for Your Breakroom

The Best Brews for Your Breakroom

The post-COVID office breakroom may have to undergo a few changes, but one thing remains the same – the better the brews, the happier the crew.  Employers everywhere are doing their best to lure their staff back into the office this fall and keeping the breakroom stocked with your staff’s favorite beverages is one sure way to accomplish that goal.  

Coffee is like Air & Water – it is essential in any office environment.  

Coffee is not only the most popular daytime elixir worldwide – it also a drink that has a lot of health benefits – when it is consumed in moderation, of course. We all know that it boosts energy levels and can help improve your mental and physical performance – but did you know that it can lower your risk for certain diseases – like type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Parkinson’s?  

Therefore, the coffee service you choose will not only dictate your employee’s mood and energy level, but their overall health as well. How can you deny them the joy of a cup of coffee that does not come from a crusty, old-school, coffee pot? Just think, there will be no need to take a client to the coffee shop around the corner. It is a win-win for everyone.  

Kick off the fall season by upgrading your coffee machine, or even just the brand of coffee. Most likely, there will be fewer people in the office, with some working at home, so why not reward those that make the commute and splurge on a new coffee maker? Get rid of the airport coffee and treat your staff and impress your on-site visitors to a barista-like delight with a single serve coffee machine.

Nescafe Majesto Automatic Coffee Machine

Nescafe Majesto Automatic Coffee Machine

Keuring K1500 Coffee Maker

Keuring K1500 Coffee Maker

Green Mountain Breakfast Blend Coffee
K- Cup Pods, Light Roast

Green Mountain Breakfast Blend Coffee
K- Cup Pods, Light Roast

Cup of Tea? Yes, please.

Tea has been around for thousands of years, and it is renowned for its superior health benefits. We all know that most teas have less caffeine than coffee, but they also include a vast number of antioxidants, immune-boosting properties and digestive benefits. Plus, they are safe for practically anyone who has special dietary needs. From the vegan to those following a keto or paleo diet, tea is the perfect beverage.  

There are some people in the world that can’t have coffee, don’t like coffee, or simply don’t want coffee. Tea consumption is on the rise, and it is not just iced tea. While there are a wide variety to choose from, if you have at least one black, one green, and two to three herbal teas, you should be able to satisfy most of your employee’s tastes. Tea specific sweeteners like honey or lemon would be a bonus for your staff or clients alike. 


Arizona Iced Green Tea with
Ginseng & Honey


Lipton Black Tea


Bigelow Green Tea Assortment


Cold Brews for when Hot Drinks Won’t Do… 

We all know water, whether it is filtered or bottled, must be kept on hand at all times to keep the team hydrated. It can be hard to choose what other cold brews would suit the staff. Flavored water is a good go-to as it offers a healthy alternative to more sugary drinks. Iced tea isn’t just for people in the southern states, it is the perfect pick me up and an alternative to water or soda. Let’s not forget iced coffee, which is growing in popularity in break rooms everywhere. You may need to invest in an ice machine, but it would be worth it.  

Everyone, at some point or another, will want a nice cold soda, as a treat or energy boost. Soda has long been a staple of breakroom beverages and it is important to have something for everyone. Whatever you choose, it is best to give your employees a vote beforehand. If you prefer them in the office, then you will need to give them incentive to take advantage of the free hot and cold beverages in your post-pandemic office breakroom.  

Avanti ZeroWater Replacement Filtering Bottle Filter

Avanti ZeroWater Replacement Filter


San Pellegrino Sparking Water


hint Lemon Flavored Water


Bottled Water


Green Mountain Cold Brew Coffee K-cups


Pepsi Cola

In this day and age, you need a full-service vendor — a company that not only provides coffee (in all its forms) but also a wide variety of other beverages – to meet the needs of everyone on your team. Here at CMF, we pride ourselves on being ahead of the trends and behind the tried-and-true favorites.

CMF believes in their breakroom brews so much, that they offer: