The Top Three Advantages of Setting up Recurring Orders

The Advantages of Recurring Office Supply Orders

It can be tempting to place one-time office supply orders instead of placing recurring orders, especially since one-time orders often appear cheaper than recurring orders. However, there are several advantages to using recurring workplace solution orders that you should consider before taking the plunge with that one-time order.

CMF is here to not only supply your business with pens, paper, and ink. We are also here to offer support and knowledge to your business by supplying great money-saving and time-saving solutions for your office supply needs. Read on for the top three advantages to setting up recurring orders, and see how existing customers can set up their account to enable this handy feature.

Save Money

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That one-time order might seem tempting when the bottom line appears small. Did you know that on average a mid-size company will spend approximately $75 dollars a month on office supplies per employee? You can easily bring that price down with recurring orders. CMF provides personalized representatives that will ensure your company is getting the best prices. CMF also provides contract pricing. Whether you need bulk orders, or a small number of supplies sent over a set amount of time, CMF is here for your money-saving needs.

Save Time and Stress

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Have you run out of printer ink, post its, or pens recently? When was the last time you reordered supplies? Tired of thinking your office supply closet is full only to find out you have run out of ink and your backup supply of paper is already in the printer? Make wasting time and stress on office supply inventory a thing of the past with recurring orders. Once your first order is placed and a schedule is set you can focus on the more important aspects of your business: increasing productivity. Plus, CMF provides a more personalized shopping experience than larger companies, offering support from a dedicated sales representative paired with you for your company’s needs.

The Convenience Factor

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Another advantage of recurring office supply orders is convenience because they save you time and effort. You can order everything you need to keep your office running smoothly once and then forget about it until the next order is due. Need some flexibility? That is not a problem! A simple adjustment of your order that takes minutes will readjust your levels with a few clicks of the mouse or a quick phone call to your representative. CMF even offers free delivery on orders over $65!

How to Sign up For Recurring Orders

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If you are ready to save money, time, and stress, let CMF bring you the support you need. Signing up for recurring orders is easy! Already an existing customer? Sign into your account, link your orders to your username, create your initial order, and then set the interval of time you would like your order to be sent. You can also set up the frequency of your billing as well!