Back to School: How Social Distancing Will Affect Classrooms In NJ

Every business, every family, every person has their own policies on how best to cope with Covid-19, and schools are no different. Each school district will likely have their own policies, but there are some things that everyone can expect to impact the learning experience this year. 

No matter which school you’ll be attending or teaching at this year, here’s what you can expect social distancing to affect. 

Face Masks 

numerous disposable masks

Everyone on school premises will be required to wear face masks. It is highly unlikely that the schools will be providing face masks, and you can expect them to be part of the student supply list or even the dress code.  

However, certain exceptions can be expected, such as medical conditions/emergencies, during physical education or music class where instruments are being used. This is because the body needs more oxygen during physical activity and masks can hinder students from getting adequate amounts. Band instruments, such as horns require the mouth and nose to be exposed so the student can breathe and play appropriately. Please note that under such circumstances social distancing will likely be strictly enforced.

A Different School Supply List 

disinfectants, bleach, wipes and other cleaning supplies

Students will always need the essential school supplies, like binders, notebooks, pens, etc…but there’s thing you can expect to come highly recommended this year: antimicrobial supplies. This is your standard school supplies, except that it’s coated in an undetectable substance that prevents the growth of germs on the surface. 

You can also expect sanitizing and disinfecting materials, such as hand sanitizer and wipes, to be on the list as well. This is to help prevent the spread of germs through touch. If students sanitize their hands, they can eliminate any germs that may be on them. By wiping down desks and school surfaces, students play another part in keeping the classroom a Covid-free environment.  

Schedule Changes 

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All schools will be required to meet 180 days of school. This means that primary grades and higher cannot have less than 4 hours per day and kindergarteners cannot have less than 2.5 hours per day. That being said, how each school and district arrange schedules is at their discretion. 

For better social distancing, many schools are planning for a hybrid schedule. In this format, students would be divided into groups, with one group attending class in school one day while the other follows along from home, and then they switch. If a school opts for this style of learning, then it is imperative that parents make adjustments & get the right supplies to ensure that the child has homeschooling on days when necessary. Homeschooling can be difficult if you’re not properly prepared, so make sure to follow these homeschooling tips to make the task easier on yourself and your child.  

Classroom Arrangements 

boy in classroom at table with a mask on

Even on a hybrid schedule, students will still have to social distance in the classroom, just like their parents will in the office. Teachers will have to get creative with how they arrange their classrooms and schools may have to invest in protective desk barriers for students’ desks. Fortunately, we offer cost-effective furniture contracts for schools, so students can continue to learn as efficiently and safely as possible. For any teacher who is unsure about how they want to arrange their classroom, we can help you too!

CMF is dedicated to the learning experience of all students in NJ & NY. Covid-19 or not, we want to ensure that every student has a successful school year. Whether you’re a parents or student looking for the best supplies for back to school, or an administrator seeking the best deals on classroom furniture, we have it all!