Office Relocation Checklist & Tips

Whether you’re relocating in from Trenton, NJ to Freehold, NJ or just across the street, moving your office is more involved than you’d expect. It’s not enough just to pick new office location and get up and go one day. You need a plan. In our experience the best time to begin planning for a smooth and successful move is 6 months in advance. Things can quickly become overwhelming, so break it down in stages, as we’ve done below. This is the easiest way to manage all that you have to do and make moving day a breeze! 

If you’re moving during a pandemic, learn how CMF gets the job done safely and contact-free.

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6 Months Before the Move 

Like planning a wedding, pick your move in date in advance and plan your schedule based on the location and date. Be sure to do the following to get off on the best foot: 

  • Visit the location and take accurate measurements. This will help you get an idea of how you want the space laid out. Again, you just want the idea. You can always bring in professional help at a later date.
  •  Create a planning calendar and divide tasks among your staff. Teamwork makes dream-work, and you’ll find that the move will be far less overwhelming by allocating jobs to different teams and individuals. (You can base these tasks off of this checklist.) 
  • Make an inventory of your furniture and note any that need replacing.  You want your new office to feel like a new beginning, one that’s leading your company towards further success. Ditch any furniture and items that will bring down morale, clash with the new aesthetic, or are just plain broken.
  • Make a budgetWe recommend starting on the low end so extra expenses that arise don’t overwhelm you.

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3 Months Before the Move

  • It’s time to call in the experts! Moving can be difficult but moving and planning a new office layout is doubly stressful. You’ll need an accurate floor plan and strategized furniture arrangement. This way, you know exactly where everything will go on move in day.  If you’re in NJ or NY, CMF will is your local moving ally—we’ll handle: the move, needed furniture updates, your new interior design and installation of it all! If you’re not located in these states, 3 months before your move is the time to research businesses in your area that will help facilitate the process. Pro tip: look for a company that uses CAD for interior design & furniture installation. This is the most accurate and efficient method. 
  • It’s extremely important to notify all your vendors of your move. Provide them with the move in date and location.  Be prepared to research new vendors at this time. If a vendor cannot accommodate you at your new location, you’ll want to have an alternative lined up.
  • Along with your vendors you’ll want to notify your local post office of your address change. When dealing with the bureaucracy it’s best to get this done early.  
  • This is the time to check in with your different teams to make sure that the tasks you gave them in the first stage of moving are on schedule. 

1-2 Months Before the Move

This is the time when you should be focusing on your marketing, customers, and getting it all ready to go. By this point, you should already have a moving and/or office interior design company lined up. 

  • Notify your customers and clients about the move.  They should have your new address should they need to visit your office or send something to it. Be sure to make them aware that your change in location will not detract from the quality service you provide them.
  • Scout out the area around your new location for potential new customers and leads. This way, you can hit the ground running once you’re settled in. 
  • Update your address. Whether you use a marketing agency or an in-house team, make sure that they are making the correct changes to your website and ordering new branded paper goods as well. These include stationary, letterheads, and business cards, etc….Be sure to send out notification of your new address to businesses that frequently send your office mail.
  • Send out reminders to have employees update their email signatures to reflect your new address and possibly new phone numbers (if applicable).
  • Get the furniture ready. Tag and label all the furniture and supplies you wish to bring with you into the new office. This will make move-in day that much easier. If you are concerned about moving delicate objects, invest in protective coverings, like bubble wrap and possibly even insurance for the items.

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1-2 Weeks Before the Move 

It’s time to wrap it up and move out! This is the point that you want to tie up any and all loose ends, but if you’ve followed this list, you should be good to go. 

  • Visit the new space again. Make sure it’s cleaned and ready to be moved into.  
  • Call your movers to confirm the move in day. 
  • Order keys for all of your employees. Be sure to distribute them among your staff before move-in day. 
  • It’s time to clean up the little things. Have employees clean out their desks. Give them boxes to easily transport everything they need to take with them to the new office. Have trash receptacles and bags ready for all non-essentials that can be thrown out.
  • Don’t forget the electronics! Back up ALL company information. You can do this by storing data on the cloud, saving hard disk/USB copies, and printing out hard copies of important documents. Then, disconnect all large electronics, such as monitors, towers, and other IT hardware. Pack them up safely for transport.
  • Get your utilities in order. At this point you should notify your phone, gas, and internet companies to let them know that you will be moving to a new location and when. You may need to set up an appointment with your providers to set up these services in the new office, so make sure that you get this done.

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Move in Day! 

Unless you’re using a moving company that will handle all the delivery and installation (like CMF), you’ll need a game plan to make sure the day goes smoothly. 

  • Assign coordinators. Having coordinators will make sure that every team has what they need and is where they need to be on moving day. This will help to keep the process organized and avoid injury.
  • Make those moving items aware of how to handle certain boxes and furniture. Companies who specialize in moving offices will likely know exactly how to handle all your furniture and tech. However, for delicate items that are part of the décor, you’ll want to provide special instruction. If your staff is helping you move, then make sure that the coordinators communicate with them which pieces under their jurisdiction need special attention.
  • Once you are moved out, take one last walk through of the old office and make sure nothing has been left behind. 
  • Check your tech. Once you are set up in your new space, have your staff go around and make sure all their tech (computers, laptops, monitors, phones, etc…) is working properly.
  • Show off your new space on social media! Social media is a great way to connect with you customers, clients and potential new leads. Post pictures of your new space, your staff celebrating the move, and be sure to tag your location! This will remind others of your change and can help you reach new leads in the area.

Here at CMF, we are dedicated to bringing businesses local to NJ & NY unparalleled service. Companies relocating their office within these states can rely on us to make their move as smooth as possible. Aside from our extensive Office Furniture Moving Services, we’ll Install your Office Furniture, use CAD Space Planning in your new office and if any furniture needs replacing or updating, we’ll give you access to our warehouse to select new pieces at your convenience.  

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